250: “Pusherman” by Curtis Mayfield

Curtis was three steps ahead of everyone else. Glasses prove it.Sometimes I gotta remember not everyone knows the classics. I’m getting old enough to have to remember: There is always a new generation of baby funk scientists pit-pattering around our hairy, grown-up selves whilst we cop our grooves, eat our peaches, and pass the time.

And it’s not enough just to pass the time… You also have to pass the torch.

In light of such, I now slowly reach out, in a most ceremonious and profound manner… and present to you… dot dot dot… Curtis Mayfield‘s “Pusherman” (1972).

Take it. DO it.

Why? Because it’s rude not to, you young piece of post-millennial trash. No, I didn’t mean that. Just listen. It’s worth trying. Listen. Listen hard.

Dot. Dot. Dot… First one’s free.


Song: Pusherman
Artist: Curtist Mayfield
Album: Superfly: Deluxe 25th Anniversay Edition
Label: Atlantic Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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