263: “Clear Blue Skies (Instrumental)” by Georgia Anne Muldrow

Tune in Tokyo... Tune in Tokyo...It ain’t got no words. Ain’t got no jellybeans or goobers, neither. It’s just a song.

But it’s a song that I picture myself playing some radical basketball to, circa 1987. My hair is thick and my lateral movement is especially swift.

Georgia Anne Muldrow is responsible for the tune. Muldrow is one of those gifted, utility musicians who can do it all. She plays most of the instruments on her recordings. But most importantly, she has something more than technical skills… She gots SOUL. Like Stevie Wonder or Lenny Kravitz or Whistling Pete, the Whistling Welshman.

Getcha some of this instrumental track, “Clear Blue Skies,” from Eagle Nebula’s Cosmic Headphones Instrumentals (2011) (sans the rap artistry of Eagle Nebula). Or, check out Muldrow’s beautiful voice on the track “Child of the Sun” on her album Early (2009).


Song: Clear Blue Skies (Instrumental)
Artist: Georgia Anne Muldrow
Album: Eagle Nebula’s Cosmic Headphones Instrumentals
Label: Epistrophik Peach
Buy from: Amazon
Listen: MOG


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