266: “Shoofly Pie” by The Wood Brothers

I wonder which one would win in a fistfight?The Wood Brothers, Chris and Oliver, have provided you with a seriously fine playlist so far. They’re on tour now, and they are excellent live. In fact, I will spit a beverage out of my face if you tell me you didn’t enjoy their live show whilst I am in the act of drinking a beverage.

Chris Wood sings more prominently on quite a few tracks on their fourth studio album, Smoke Ring Halo (2011), and that’s a good thing for a lot of young swooners out there. Sniff out “The Shore” if you wanna hear C-Dawg croon.

This one is a classic about love and appetite, “Shoofly Pie.” Enjoy.

Song: Shoofly Pie
Artist: Wood Brothers
Album: Smoke Ring Halo
Label: Southern Ground Artists
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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