276: “Nature Boy” by The Nat King Cole Trio

Nat, you got something on your... oh, sorry, it's just pimp juice, playa!!Nat King Cole was a hot air balloon enthusiast, turned obstetrician, turned crooner. He accomplished all this with the help of a time-bending knapsack (perhaps of alien origin) that allowed him to fill his nights with weeks of study! These facts are little known, because they are untrue.


A lateral consideration: Have we all slowly built up a diet of eating lies, such that we are now immune to the toxicity of lies at their full potency? Inconceivable?


Anyhoo! Nat King Cole was truly a man among lesser, lighter-skinned men. He worked hard, and with class every step of the way, to forge the road for African-American performers’ access to mass media, and every Thug Gangsta currently burrowing their beats into your children’s earholes owes Cole an ironic debt. Here’s a track from the Nat King Cole Trio that ain’t your average 1950’s sound. “Nature Boy” has been covered by the likes of David Bowie and Ric Flair.


Song: Nature Boy
Artist: Nat King Cole
Album: Various (Links Below)
Label: Producciones AR
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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