277: “Conversation Heart” by The Six Parts Seven

Unaverage band photo win.The Six Parts Seven got started by the Karpinski Bro’s (Allen and Jay) as a rhythm-based massage-therapy outfit in Kent, Ohio. Their massage sessions were also jam sessions. They would rhythmically pound and rub their clients, creating slaps, thuds, and squishes that mesmerized. The vibe was very relaxing, but customers didn’t like the spinning hippies who would invariably show up to soak in the mellow.

So the Parts segued into traditional instrument-based music. Their sound is like a massage, if you can relax into it. Their M.O. is to find a melodic theme and ride it like a wave, until the wave lets them know it’s time to paddle back out. And spinning hippies are okay in that context.

Would any of this be written down on the Internet if it were not true??

In related news, I happen to be a profoundly expert belly-drummer. Sometimes I go to the park on sunny days and wail on my belly. A few very special times, ecstatic hippies have surrounded me, spinning and drumming. During those beautiful moments of peaking positive energy, I turned my face to the sky, still slapping on my pink gut, and gave thanks to (The Turtle Holding Up The Earth*), for the mysterious gift that is Life On This Planet.

Just. Enjoy.

* In your mind, please insert the entity here that you think I should have used.

Song: Conversation Heart
Artist: The Six Parts Seven
Album: Casually Smashed To Pieces
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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