285: “Deep In A Fried Pickle” by Billy Martin & Wil Blades

Ok, guys, give me your best I'll-kick-your-ass face.If you’re doing it right, every once in a while, you look at an amazing sunset or a beautiful person’s rear end and think to yourself, “Holy Hunks of Inter-Dimensional Is-ness, it is amazing that I am alive and that I am able to witness THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE… High five, Universe. Thanks for having me.”

And if you’re picking your music well, you might wind up listening to Shimmy (2012) by Billy Martin on skins (of Medeski, Martin & Wood) and Wil Blades on the keys. And you might just think… THIS RIGHT HERE.

The album just dropped, and it’s worth earhole insertion. Word on the street: Billy Martin wasn’t getting his quota of funky keyboard licks from bandmate John Medeski, and stepped out to two-time with Blades, who is on a less astral plane than Medeski and dispenses funky licks freely. That is how I would write the movie version, anyway.

There are a few smoking tracks on Shimmy, but I humbly submit “Deep In A Fried Pickle” as the single greatest trizzle on the bizzle.

You don’t need to understizzle. Just enjizzle.

Song: Deep In A Fried Pickle
Artist: Billy Martin & Wil Blades
Album: Shimmy
Label: The Royal Potato Family
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

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One Response to 285: “Deep In A Fried Pickle” by Billy Martin & Wil Blades

  1. Ashley says:

    I saw these guys in Philly last night and “high five, universe!” totally sums it up.

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