287: “Mr. Clean” by Roy Hargrove

Roy Blowing.If I was an alien who was busy a-buildin’ races, I’d be jazzed if a race I created wound up getting all technological and started recording and documenting themselves, their world, and their experiences and putting them all on one giant Interweb that I could tap into and bask in the glow of.

It would be pretty cool, as a race-building alien, to do that. Because the longer this race can go without killing themselves… the more they can document, the more they can explore, and the more all of us in the universe can understand about how awesome butter is.

Roy Hargrove invented butter, before writing a novel in Klingon, and then moving on to a career in jazz horn.

Here is a cover of Freddie Hubbard’s “Mr. Clean” by Roy Hargrove, from Earfood (2008).

You are alive.

The continuation of the human reality show is a tightrope balance between wonder and war.

So. Please err on the side of wonder, and enjoy.

Song: Mr. Clean
Artist: Roy Hargrove
Album: Earfood
Label: Emarcy
Buy: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG
Watch: YouTube

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