289: “Midtown” by Calexico

Doctor 1: Doctor, what is that substance oozing out of the purple-feather chrysalis those groovy aliens left behind? [Doctor 1 stands her surfboard on the wall of the scienced-up set, revealing her microscopic bikini.]

Doctor 2: It’s Pimp Juice, Doctor. [Doctor 2 steps into scene for reveal of surgeon’s-cut bikini. She moves close to Doctor 1. Their eyes lock.]

Doctor 1: What should we do, Doctor? [Pause. Bikinis. Doctor 2 moves away, bikini bottom to audience. She turns dramatically…]

Doctor 2: It’s too late, Doctor. We’ve already been… pimped. [Doctors “jiggulate” as choreographed.]

Fisheye lens gets all the ladies.And so on…

I got lots of this stuff. Problem is the endings are never real good, or the beginnings.

Is this a music blog? I presume so, but I’m not the judge. So as evidence, I submit “Midtown” by Calexico, from Hot Rail (2000). Acclaimed, shuffled, filed, moved, uncovered, dusted, listened, cherished.

The song contains the appropriate juices. Give Calexico a squeeze right now and see what squirts out!


Song: Midtown
Artist: Calexico
Album: Hot Rail
Label: Quarterstick Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify

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