293: “Kandi” by One Eskimo

Bay bee. Heh low. Ess Kimo.[Russian Accent, Reflective Sunglasses]
Perhaps you want to know how to charm ze ladies? You call zem “bay… bee baybee” repeatedly. All night if posseebol. Zey love dis.
[/Russian Accent, Reflective Sunglasses]

As you know, Eskimo and Russian cultures are related in that they both have dozens of euphemisms for the effects of cold temperature on nipples. All this is related. Keep reading.

One EskimO is the band. Like those before and after, they were formed from clay, fired in an oven, and animated by the explosive strike of a lightning bolt. Their music has been written over the past 6 billion years by monkeys typing randomly on typewriters. They have penned some jewels. None of Shakespeare’s works, mind you, but plenty of solid pop music among the infinite monkey noise.

Enjoy, comrade.

Song: Kandi
Artist: One Eskimo
Album: One Eskimo
Label: Shangri-La
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG
Watch: Vimeo

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