304: “Tutwiler” by Rick Holmstrom

Feelin' groovy!Sometimes I like to roll words around in my mouth. Words like…

Adjudicate. Glockenspiel. Belly button. Chutzpah. Pupu platter. Homunculus. Burrrrrito. Herpes. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton. Swizzlesticks. Konnichiwa. (You can keep going on your own…)

Gnome sane, homes?

Words are fun and useful. “Words” sits alongside “Music” in the Pro’s column of my Being Alive Pro’s & Con’s T-chart, which I will publish on my gravestone. ‘Ell oh ‘ell.


Roll this song around in your head. It’s from Rick Holmstrom, a straight ahead blues guitar man with a name that rolls off only the most well-exercised American tongue. The song is “Tutwiler” from Late in the Night (2007).

Rick also has a brand new album, Cruel Sunrise (2012), that is very good (includes his old friend and co-worker Mavis Staples on a few tracks). But I was just totally getting down in the car the other day, slapping my steering wheel and nodding my head like a durn fool, while listening to this tune and felt a deep, strong desire, in the most existential reaches of my jiggling gut, to share this song with you, alongside a ridiculous arrangement of words.

Thank-you, and enjoy.

Song: Tutwiler
Artist: Rick Holmstrom
Album: Late In The Night
Label: M.C. Records
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303: “Black Hole” by Shawn Lee

There is a part of the universe... over that way.Consider the simplest of everyday actions. For instance, consider the act of opening the door to your dwelling, and setting down your things.

It is an orchestra of movement. Tendons, muscles, joints, anticipation, reaction, all unconscious and automatic. You don’t even consider it, as you contemplate greater affairs.

Your brain is the most complicated thing in the known universe. A multitude of voices within you, serving up millions of years of evolution in your every movement and reaction.

And somewhere within the chorus, is the still, small voice you call your self, making things we all call choices.

What do you do with it all? And what all is inside that incredible ultra-supercomputer riding atop your shoulders?*

Shawn Lee considers such things. Whilst he drinks tea and converses with wisefolk under magnificent trees more ancient than the ages of all the prophets added together.

They stare into the face of black holes and write funky songs.

Shawn Lee makes music for fun, for money, and because he has to, else his supercomputer brain would explode out of his face with the force of ten thousand sneezes.

Making life make sense, every day, here, for you… Am I.

From Synthesizers in Space (2012)… “Black Hole”…


*If you enjoy considering such, read Incognito: Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman.

Song: Black Hole
Artist: Shawn Lee
Album: Synthesizers in Space
Label: ESL Music, Inc.
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302: “Africadelic” by Manu Dibango

A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion but doesn't. I kid, I kid.Someone (could it be Manu Dibango?) creeps up behind you, and puts a cloth sack over your head. The weave is thin enough that you can still see through a little, and it appears that three furries now steadily approach, poised to lunge. But they are backlit, and depth of perception is difficult. Also, you are swinging your arms wildly because there is an unwelcome sack on your head.

You’re on the ground. Two furries are sitting on your legs and one on your left arm. The sack is no longer on your head. Manu Dibango sits down heavily on your chest, and forcefully takes your right arm. He sloppily sucks the tip of your index finger and puts it deep into his own ear, groaning a little when it feels like it’s going farther than physics would permit.

Out of the other side of his head pops a powerfully adorable puppy. The word “adorable” does not, in fact, begin to capture the emotional power of this puppy’s appeal. It feels like this puppy will pull your soul out through your eyeballs with its cuteness. You cannot breathe, it is so cute…

Why won’t Manu Dibango get off your chest?

You wake with a start. There is a cat sitting on your chest. It is staring at you. It knows you were dreaming about that puppy. You get out of bed, brush your teeth, put the cat in the blender, and get dressed for work.


“Africadelic” (1973) by:
Manu Dibango:
-Born in 1933 in Cameroon
-Saxophonist, Vibraphonist
-Biggest hit: “Soul Makossa” (1972)
-The world’s foremost dream interpreter
-Butter sculptor (unsalted)
-Dog lover


Live to dream. And enjoy.

Song: Africadelic
Artist: Manu Dibango
Album: The Very Best of Manu Dibango: Afro Soul Jazz from the Original Makossa Man
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301: “Lost In The Light” by Bahamas

Handsome is as handsome does.This one is gorgeous. And sad.

Nothing beautiful is perfect.

Bahamas is the moniker of Afie Jurvanen, a Canadian singer-songwriter, and his latest album is Barchords (2012). It contains some marvelously cracked jewels like “Lost in the Light.” And the picture to the right does not capture the illustrative depth of character and emotion rendered by Afie in the aforementioned tune. I just thought the moustache was 110% black angus solid beef-out style and ought to be shared.

In the same spirit, here is a beautiful and nearly perfect poem, from Braided Creek by Jim Harrison and Ted Kooser (Copper Canyon Press, 2003):

Straining on the toilet
we learn how
the lightning bug feels.

Don’t strain too hard. Just relax, and enjoy the light.

Song: Lost In The Light
Artist: Bahamas
Album: Barchords
Label: Brushfire Records/Universal
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