307: “March of the Dirty Razors” by Big Ass Truck

Memphis mingling.

BAT and Rufus Thomas

A young American talks with his grandfather, a veteran of the second World War, a self-made man, a leader in his community. They have a somber exchange, after a hearty meal of meat, potatoes, and maize on the cob. The grandfather says to his progeny,

“Grandson, there are two wolves living inside the heart of every man.

“One of the wolves is sustained by feelings of joy, peace, love, hope, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, and compassion.

“The second wolf thrives on fear, jealousy, anger, bitterness, and basically the second wolf is a huge d-bag. Like a Totes-McGoats-Gertrude-Huffernuffer. For izzies, dropping major slog right on the trail where all the other metaphor wolves walk, and this sack of fur won’t even fight the good wolf directly, because this second wolf claims ‘the situation is much more nuanced than good and evil’ and that it ‘just has bouts of depression’ and ‘doesn’t want to be the bad wolf, anymore’ and all types of such nonsense.

“These two wolves continuously fight a battle every day inside each of us.”

The young American stares wide-eyed at his grandfather, “Grandpa? Which wolf wins?”

Grandpa looks his descendant in the face, and says “March of the Dirty Razors” by Big Ass Truck, from Who Let You In Here? (1998). It was a band formed in Memphis in the 19 and 90’s and its members continue to create new music to this day.

The boy says, “I don’t get it. Is that a song? There is a band called Big Gas Truck? The quotes weren’t proper and your words became unfastened. Grandpa, are you all right?”

Grandpa starts to dissolve and swirl like an expensive video editing plug-in effect, and says, as he spins into a syrup of 10 million fading pixels, “Just enjoy the music, kid. I’m off…

Song: March of the Dirty Razors
Artist: Big Ass Truck
Album: Who Let You In Here?
Label: Terminus Records
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306: “Express Yourself” by Labrinth

Perfect 42 degree angle. Amazing geometry.I jumped through a wormhole…


Uncle Funk presents… Simon Cowell presents… Labrinth, and “Express Yourself” (2012).

A very merry unbirthday to all of us. I was skeptical of deeply enjoying music Simon Cowell would choose for me, but then I remembered that America’s Funniest Videos is one of my favorite television shows, and that I would also milk a goat, under proper circumstances. Some people wouldn’t, but milking a goat doesn’t bother me.

I first heard the song on a Windows 8 commercial, and so I think I’ll invite Bill Gates over for brunch after all.

Labrinth has little discography to speak of at this point in history, but if this track is exemplary, I will put money in Simon Cowell’s big machine to keep the juice coming out.


Song: Express Yourself
Artist: Labrinth
Album: Express Yourself (Single)
Label: Syco Music
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305: “Hush” by Nostalgia 77

You like this smile? I call it "Cup of Warm Chai."Be quiet, baby girl. Put your head on the table beside your drink. Now step away from them both.

Uncle Funk just dropped the needle in the cut.

It’s “Hush” by Nostalgia 77, moniker of producer Benedic Lamdin. Hush is good advice.

The song is from The Sleepwalking Society (2011). (See an actual music critic at work here.)

Now quiet your self, baby girl, and concentrate on increasing bloodflow to your amygdala. That’s in your brain somewhere in the middle near the bottom, I think. Concentrate on increasing bloodflow in that general area. That should be good. No electrified probes allowed for this exercise, either. This needs to be natural brain stimulation.

That’s it, girl. I can tell you gone and relaxed yo’ self.

Now, be still and don’t move, because I’m going to insert this tracking device just behind your left ear. It’ll pinch just a bit, but I’m not letting you get away.

Quit trying to resist, and listen to the music. Just enjoy it. Then come back and see me for more.

Song: Hush
Artist: Nostalgia 77
Album: The Sleepwalking Society
Label: True Thoughts Ltd
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