305: “Hush” by Nostalgia 77

You like this smile? I call it "Cup of Warm Chai."Be quiet, baby girl. Put your head on the table beside your drink. Now step away from them both.

Uncle Funk just dropped the needle in the cut.

It’s “Hush” by Nostalgia 77, moniker of producer Benedic Lamdin. Hush is good advice.

The song is from The Sleepwalking Society (2011). (See an actual music critic at work here.)

Now quiet your self, baby girl, and concentrate on increasing bloodflow to your amygdala. That’s in your brain somewhere in the middle near the bottom, I think. Concentrate on increasing bloodflow in that general area. That should be good. No electrified probes allowed for this exercise, either. This needs to be natural brain stimulation.

That’s it, girl. I can tell you gone and relaxed yo’ self.

Now, be still and don’t move, because I’m going to insert this tracking device just behind your left ear. It’ll pinch just a bit, but I’m not letting you get away.

Quit trying to resist, and listen to the music. Just enjoy it. Then come back and see me for more.

Song: Hush
Artist: Nostalgia 77
Album: The Sleepwalking Society
Label: True Thoughts Ltd
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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I find songs for you.

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