312: “I’ve Got A Feeling” by The Beatles

And John Lennon's children's Bar Mitvah's were OFF THE HOOK!“I’ve Got A Feeling” from Let It Be (1970) is not one of The Beatles‘ most popular classics… but if this song were a pair of socks, they would be electric and slightly wet.

Maybe you’re wondering what happened to The Beatles since Yoko Ono gave them all HIV. I have an update, from sources close to the Fab Quartet:

  • Paul McCartney is down to just the one leg now, but makes do with a lot of money from a big divorce.
  • John Lennon died from choking on John Bonham’s vomit in 1998.
  • John Paul Jones married Eric Clapton’s fiancee, and they raise alpaca in New Mexico.
  • Ringo Starr tours the world playing with world-class musicians in huge venues.

The British tabloids won’t even touch this stuff, because the Queen said she would decapitate any member of the British press that reports anything about The Beatles because Paul is the only one who will ever really “get” her and she can’t stand to see his face unless it’s coming toward her for a sloppy, molar-licking kiss. And when Her Majesty is angered, it’s like Yoda-style spinning vectors and slashes, and something you don’t want to see coming your direction at all. So coverage of post-breakup Beatles is pretty limited on the British newsstands. The public is obviously starved for the facts.

The Queen also practices the Ray Lewis dance in front of her mirror at night, as part of her posturing for the press.

Okay, I’m stopping. Just enjoy.

Song: I’ve Got A Feeling
Artist: The Beatles
Album: Let It Be
Label: Apple Records (original)
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube

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