315: “Karte” by Shugo Tokumaru

This test tube contains my music.Shugo Tokumaru creeps out of a hole under the carpet beneath your bed while you are at work. He diligently labors at something in the air with his speedy fingers that no human eyes can see, weaving and tussling. When he is done a few hours later, he plucks the invisible something out of the air, crams it back into his satchel, and squeezes himself back through the hole in your floor.

He is making Japanese music.

I just gave it all away. The Little People will be after me now. Shugo’s new album is In Focus? (2013). A specimen from his 2006 album L.S.T. is below.

Evidenced for biographical insight, below is a detailed translation of the back cover of a travel pamphlet Shugo Tokumaru once sat upon:

Southern-American Euphemisms – And Translations

you sure got yer dumplins mushed – you’re ugly

colder’n a witchy areola – quite cold indeed

hotter’n a skivvy swamp – quite hot indeed

like a pocketful of mayonnaise – useless

shut your face, you jackass – I do not care for you

ah eight squirrel brains – I eat squirrel brains

hornswoggled as a junebug/woolybooger in a snuff pouch/spit can – confused/bedraggled

America the Beautiful! Flights daily.


Song: Karte
Artist: Shugo Tokumaru
Album: L.S.T.
Label: Active Suspension
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Rdio | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

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One Response to 315: “Karte” by Shugo Tokumaru

  1. VW says:

    I like the Piano arrangement of Karte. Is that still cool? Love those euphemisms!

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