321: “The Riviera Affair” by The Bongolian

Nasser puts his face near you.The Bongolian is Nasser Bouzida, and his funk emanates from the UK. As way of introduction for his song “The Riviera Affair” from Bongos For Beatniks (2011), here is an imaginary interview with The Bongolian’s theoretical dog. This is, of course, a translation of a conversation had completely with our eyebrows:

Me: Dog, do you get tired of listening to bongos all the time?

Dog: One would surmise.

Me: Well stated. Right on. What kind of bath schedule are you on? Your fur looks great.

Dog: Are you trying to say something? Your eyebrow is terrible.

Me: I’m surprised! … Did you get that, at least?

Dog: Yes. Let’s stop there. I’m looking away.

The Bongolian is also a key component of Big Boss Man, a funk band that is donkey-strong, and can be found elsewheres on this site.

I am both proud, and vigorously grooving to be the one bringing this song to you. Now go on, getcha some, and enjoy.

Song: The Riviera Affair
Artist: The Bongolian
Album: Bongos For Beatniks
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Listen: MOG | Spotify | YouTube

320: “Advice To Medics” by Sun Ra

Look, it's a cosmic butthole!The many faces of Sun Ra include the one giving “Advice to Medics” on Super-Sonic Jazz (1956).

A revealing quote from Wikipedia on Sun Ra:

As a self-invented person, he routinely gave evasive, contradictory or seemingly nonsensical answers to personal questions, and denied his birth name.

The picture Sun Ra painted of his own existence was not only steeped in mystery, but any type of understanding of who he was depended on the acceptance of vast fields of unknowns and shifting realities. Thus, he was either a crazy man or a genius depending on whom you ask.

He also had a testicular hernia that messed with his head via his testicles, which is an effective method for messing with a dude’s head.

And like all of us, but perhaps to a greater degree, Sun Ra was always changing. He was making things up as he went along, but with less subterfuge about it than the rest of us employ.

Enjoy one of Sun Ra’s more eccentric compositions with me, and contemplate the certainties in your life that might be undone if your balls hurt all the time.

Song: Advice To Medics
Artist: Sun Ra
Album: Super-Sonic Jazz
Label: Solar Records
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319: “Black Jesus” by 9 Lazy 9

Italian band photos are like Yeti sighting photosMy shorts are plaid and my legs are thin. My glasses are seven years old, and I know the Latin names of dozens of species. I am a Pisces and I enjoy taking long walks in other people’s shoes.

I wonder openly and often what cavemen would think about things today.

I listen to music like “Black Jesus” by 9 Lazy 9, from Paradise Blown (2003). 9 Lazy 9, an Italian-based group, sounds, smells, looks, and tastes like Ninja Tunes. I dig that secret agent sound.

And if you like the picture I’m painting, we should meet up somewhere tonight. We just need to sync up our lucid dream cycles to astrally connect. I’ll shoot for 3.37am. I will be the one wearing tassels and an ornate codpiece, and I’ll be yelling your name loudly.

Sweet dreams, and enjoy.

Song: Black Jesus
Artist: 9 Lazy 9
Album: Paradise Blown
Label: Ninja Tunes
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