320: “Advice To Medics” by Sun Ra

Look, it's a cosmic butthole!The many faces of Sun Ra include the one giving “Advice to Medics” on Super-Sonic Jazz (1956).

A revealing quote from Wikipedia on Sun Ra:

As a self-invented person, he routinely gave evasive, contradictory or seemingly nonsensical answers to personal questions, and denied his birth name.

The picture Sun Ra painted of his own existence was not only steeped in mystery, but any type of understanding of who he was depended on the acceptance of vast fields of unknowns and shifting realities. Thus, he was either a crazy man or a genius depending on whom you ask.

He also had a testicular hernia that messed with his head via his testicles, which is an effective method for messing with a dude’s head.

And like all of us, but perhaps to a greater degree, Sun Ra was always changing. He was making things up as he went along, but with less subterfuge about it than the rest of us employ.

Enjoy one of Sun Ra’s more eccentric compositions with me, and contemplate the certainties in your life that might be undone if your balls hurt all the time.

Song: Advice To Medics
Artist: Sun Ra
Album: Super-Sonic Jazz
Label: Solar Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Rdio | Spotify | YouTube

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