326: “Pretty Green” by White Denim

I received this fan music review today, written in cuneiform on plastic tablets, delivered emphatically in a padded envelope by a brown-clad bi-athlete, to my very own attention…


Hot boxcar ass.Dearest Uncle Funk,

I have been a GINORMOUS fan of yours since I first started reading your blog in 1080 BCE. No one knows more about you! You haven’t posted much stuff lately. I thought maybe you needed a nudge, so here’s a quick note about how much I appreciate you!

Anyhoo, I just find the most amazing things in myself when I imagine the world through your eyes! I step outside of my own humdrum vision of things and try to see my life from a CRAZY person’s point of view!! It’s so refreshing! (Winky smiley face)

And I wanted to let you know that since I’ve been reading your “work” and listening to the music you’ve selected for me to suffer through, a few important things have happened to me. I will summarize in a bulleted list, in no particular order of importance or alphabeticity:

  • Armpit hair is coming in strong. More than before. Not like a beard, though.
  • Two goats and one duck. Incidente armadillos.
  • Syrian conflict worsens.
  • Drum solo. Never ends. Finally ends.
  • Gnawed tip of pen off. Inkmouth.
  • Things keep on happening. No. Matter. What.
  • Bought White Denim‘s Corsicana Lemonade
  • Please enjoy “Pretty Green” below because it’s the single, but listen to “Come Back” because it’s in a bulleted list.

Did you write this, or did I?

-Secret Admirer


Song: Pretty Green
Artist: White Denim
Album: Corsicana Lemonade
Label: Downtown Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify | YouTube

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