329: “One On One” by Hall & Oates

from shirt.woot.comEvery being with the ability to be bored also knows that the best way to be, while living,  is to be lost in the moment. That is, to be so absorbed in whatever you are doing that you lose sense of time, and become “one” with the moment. Note that you can’t analyze whether you’re actually in the moment while you’re in the moment, or that will pull you out of the moment, like someone shouting “purple cow!” in your face right as you start to sneeze.

Then there are those beings with the ability to be bored, the ability to understand that the best way to be, while living, is to be lost in the moment, and the critical thinking to seek to understand what else one might do with this pesky self-awareness business that usually just keeps getting in the way of the good times.

And then there are beings who use their conscious choices to lead to deeply meditative trance states, during which they get on the Internet and introduce totally slamming musical selections with vaguely existential ramblings in an attempt to share a fleeting but meaningful connection with a few friends and family… mostly random strangers.

So, here is “One On One,” a classic hit from Hall & Oates that I took for granted as I played Moon Patrol while couples were roller skating to it in its heyday. Darryl Hall had some pipes I didn’t truly appreciate. If you listen, you’ll notice he shows off his falsetto/manvoice transitions like a damn peacock strutting his vocal chords and/or tail in this song. And Oates totes his mustache throughout the whole song, like an inverted peacock tail (to run with the theme), using his virulent keratin production as a clear sign of health and fertility to 80’s babes who might have needed porking.


Song: One On One
Artist: Hall & Oates
Album: H2O
Label: RCA
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify | Rdio | YouTube

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