About Uncle Funk

This is where I live. Except in a house. And about 115 miles away.Hi.

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee in the U. S. of A.

The name “Uncle Funk” is an homage to the elderly (and magic) gentleman who nursed me as a suckling child.

This site is a labor of love and I receive no compensation other than my own satisfaction and totally hot women wanting to make out with me all the time because it’s so awesome.

Do you need to know more?  Well, here’s a map of how hair usually covers the human body.

Please share comments. Pretty please. Seriously… no one ever comments, and lately it’s been making me cry in the shower.

But then I pick myself back up using the old-folks handles in the tub.

We all gotta carry on.


9 Responses to About Uncle Funk

  1. Sara says:

    Word. Solid biz-nass up in this piece. Much love from the Rockies.

  2. That photo of the Bar-Kays makes me happy.

    Yours in musical ambrosia,


  3. Salt says:

    Hey Jay…. try these. You might like.

  4. cactus says:

    thank you, seriously. paying attention in sweet home west oakland.

  5. cactus says:

    your ‘hair of the human body’ link is down. i was really looking forward to that.

  6. Brian says:

    Don’t cry little boy, everything is going to be all right

  7. cactus says:

    ,keep on keeping on!
    eye rely on you to turn me on to the funk that’s new to me!
    thank you.

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