314: “Thema” by Sunna Gunnlaugs

Sunna Gunnlaugs UnoI had just stepped out of the office to get normal when she (echo echo echo, wavy lines) walked by, doing that bipedal locomotion thing, with accents and flourishes in the hips… achieving actual sublimation. That’s when a solid turns directly into a gas.

Sublimate, parallel, and prismatic, as well, were the refractions of the colorations in her sight-balls when hers met mine. I was smote. And in the 14 heartbeats in which I knew her, like a timeless, smote mote did we drift, hand-in-hand on the eternal winds of worlds that could never be.

So it was, that as she walked away, I whistled loudly in her direction and shouted “Datass go BOOM!”

Yet she cast back not even the shadow of a glance from another world, and vaporized before my very sight-balls, forevermore.


This writing was inspired by “Thema” by Sunna Gunnlaugs, from Long Pair Bond (2011). Sunna, Icelandic jazz pianist, got Long Pair Bond’s production funded on Kickstarter, which kicks a.

Gunnlaugs is Icelandic for “Gunn laugs.” Her band mates on Long Pair Bond are Þorgrímur Jónsson on bass and Scott McLemore, drums.

I had to buy an Icelandic keyboard on eBay to type that bassist’s name. For you.

So enjoy.

Song: Thema
Artist: Sunna Gunnlaugs
Album: Long Pair Bond
Label: Sunny Sky Records
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Watch: YouTube


300: “Nostalgia in Times Square / Angel Race” by Medeski, Martin & Wood

At a SiriusXM recording for a porn soundtrackTo celebrate #300, I’m posting a brand spanking new one from my all-time favorite law firm! Medeski, Martin & Wood fight insurance and drug companies in court with the same rigor and enthusiasm with which they tear through and assimilate musical genres.

(John Medeski – piano / Billy Martin – percussion / Chris Wood – bass)

MMW’s latest album, Free Magic (2012), is a selection of 5 lengthy live acoustic tracks from a tour in 2007. Watching them live is the ultimate way to experience their music. If you pay attention you can see them communicating with subtle glances and gestures, steering their heavily improvised musical creations with nearly telepathic coordination. Of course, they have been together since 1991, breathing each others’ emissions and syncing up their minstrel cycles.

The reactive chemistry and interplay of their music is something to behold. It’s very much like magic, an output greater than the sum of the inputs, and these guys can make it for free if you don’t count the 21 years of practice… and the fact that you pay to listen to them. Whatev. Enjoy.

Song: Nostalgia in Times Square / Angel Race
Artist: Medeski, Martin & Wood
Album: Free Magic
Label: Indirecto Records
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279: “Underbrush” by Robert Walter’s 20th Congress

Man, lay it down. Lay it DOWN! ... Now clean that up!What’s in the underbrush?

Snipe? Or the next Model-T-Style Revolution?

In my’stimation, you’d best to rustle them bushes, and see what comes out.

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress deserves time in your ‘brushy ear holes. Here’s “Underbrush” from Giving Up The Ghost (2003).

Just listen and thank about thangs, y’all. Shake something loose.

And enjoy.

Song: Underbrush
Artist: Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
Album: Giving Up The Ghost
Label: Magna Carta Records
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256: “Tema De Los Golden Stars” by Los Golden Stars

Best picture available on the Internet. Awesome.For those of you like me, who didn’t even know there was a LESS than complete compilation of Peruvian underground music from a specific decade, I’m here to tell you that the MOST complete compilation of Peruvian underground music (1964-74) can be found on the Vampisoul label, based out of Spain (I think). It’s called Back to Peru, Vol 1 (2005) and you can experience it with minimal effort. Probably just some clickity clicking.

It’s remarkable what is out there for you to experience… Consider this: The world is bigger, EVEN, than the world’s largest collection of salt & pepper shakers, which is itself almost beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Name anything. ANY thing. There are salt & pepper shakers of that thing. Watermelon? Check. Disdain for the University of Alabama? Check. Thong underwear? Check. Dada-ism? Check. Porcine copulation? Check. Theory of Relativity? Check. Whatever. Whatever? Check.

There is data somewhere proving all this, and there are salt & pepper shakers representing that data. They’re just precious.

And should you choose, you may, in this wide wide world, listen to some 50-year-old Peruvian underground music, whilst seasoning your meals with whatever-damn-shaped seasoning dispensers you so desire.

As your host, I now suggest listening to “Tema De Los Golden Stars” by Los Golden Stars, a band whose promotional salt & pepper shakers I will now use to season my world famous Uncle Funk Lobster ‘n’ Cap’n Crunch Burritos… Just kidding. My burritos are perfect.


Song: Tema De Los Golden Stars
Artist: Los Golden Stars
Album: Back To Peru, Vol 1
Label: Vampisoul
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Watch: YouTube

252: “Gone On And Get That Church” by Les McCann

"I hate the human love of that stinking mutt." -- What??For Uncle Funk, Being in Church is being with the ones he loves and taking a few solid moments to Think About What’s Important

Properly executed, it is followed by fried chicken and a leisurely deuce, while Uncle Funk sorts out his afternoon.

Pianist Les McCann was born in 1935 in Lexington, Kentucky. “Gone On And Get That Church” was originally released on In San Francisco (1961) but is now more readily available as a track on Stardust Records’ Essential Jazz Masters (2011), a compilation of some of McCann’s highlight tracks. The album crackles and sizzles from beginning to end. Listen to it some kind of way using the links below.


Oh, and then, Consider Your Happiness And Be Thankful! That’s Church, too!!

Song: Gone On And Get That Church
Artist: Les McCann
Album: Essential Jazz Masters
Label: Stardust Records
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Listen: MOG | Spotify

223: “Do What You Wanna” by Ramsey Lewis (Mr. Scruff’s Soul Party Remix)

Guy still looks good. Got no smart ass comments.Getcha some of this: Ramsey Lewis all re-worked by versatile mix-master, Mr. Scruff. If you’re alone, listen to this song right now. Just close your eyes and pretend you’re in the middle of the dance floor, and get into it. Stop reading this. Remember you have to make time to get down.

“Do What You Wanna” comes off a 2005 release, one in a series from the Verve record label, Verve/Remixed, wherein mixologists re-work Verve’s varied, decades-long catalog to mixed success.

Another standout track to put in your ear holes is the UFO remix of Sarah Vaughan’s classic rendition of “Summertime.”

(New Wilco came out today.) Enjoy.

Song: Do What You Wanna (Mr. Scruff Soul Party Remix)
Artist: Ramsey Lewis
Album: Verve/Remixed
Label: Verve
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

203: “Living The Blues” by Jamie Saft Trio

Respeck the beard.Jamie Saft Trio covers Bob Dylan on Trouble (2006).  Here’s a good one, “Living The Blues.”  And my heart bleeds when I listen to the instrumental version of “Disease of Conceit.”

Strong as a fart bubble in the bathtub.


Song: Living The Blues
Artist: Jamie Saft Trio
Album: Trouble
Label: Tzadik
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes | Tzadik
Watch: YouTube