177: “Galaxy” by Eddie Henderson

A flugel without a cause.When you really wanna get funky, you gots to gets some flugelhorn.

Eddie Henderson played with Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi band for 3 years in the early 70’s, and you can sure hear that influence in this song and Eddie’s entire 1975 album, Sunburst.

Related topic… Everything is related… If you’re standing in just the right light, here’s a poem that can knock you on your ass:

Moment of Inertia
by Debra Spencer, from Pomegranate.
© Hummingbird Press.

It’s what makes the pancake hold still
while you slip the spatula under it
so fast it doesn’t move, my father said
standing by the stove.
All motion stopped when he died.
With his last breath the earth
lurched to a halt and hung still on its axis,
the atoms in the air
coming to rest within their molecules,
and in that moment
something slid beneath me
so fast I couldn’t move.

Song: Galaxy
Artist: Eddie Henderson
Album: Sunburst
Label: Blue Note
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176: “Rien Ne Vu Plus” by Funk Factory

Polish funk squares.More and more people are posting music on YouTube that it’d be nearly impossible to find anywhere else, even on the Internet, and even if you were willing to pay money. Living in the future is pretty cool.

Old vinyl is going up in droves.  And although the sound quality often sucks, it nearly just as often doesn’t. Here’s one from a long defunkt band, Funk Factory, that lives on through YouTube and blog posts like this one. “The Factory,” as insiders called the band, was mostly American musicians led by Polish music legends Michal Urbaniak and Urszula Dudziak, whom we all know affectionately as Michal Urbaniak and Urszula Dudziak.

“Rien Ne Vu Plus” is French for “all bets are off” or “why serve spaghetti to a pig?” depending on inflection. This song is as crazy as that.  Enjoy.

[[ EDITOR’S NOTE: What I try to provide in this illustrious blog operation is some reasonable spigot of musical flow, governed by a human taste filter (loose use of “taste,” I know). The Internet is an ocean of musical flow that cannot be absorbed by your face all at once. You need a spigot, not an ocean going into your ear holes. And your takeaway from this paragraph is that I am a friend, with an outstretched metaphor, trying to work a musical spigot into you. Because I love you. ]]

Song: Rien Ne Vu Plus
Artist: Funk Factory
Label:  ATCO Records
Download: FleaMarketFunk.com
Watch: YouTube

166: “That’s The Way” by Led Zeppelin

My hand is huge, is it not?The members of Led Zeppelin were most undoubtedly time travelers.  It’s obvious from their music.  Here’s a great video of an acoustic version of the song “That’s The Way,” performed at Earls Court in 1975, available via YouTube, without any time machine. It’s easy, laid back Zep.

Below is a scientifically confirmed* list of celebrities whose behavior makes it impossible to deny the fact that they can bend time to their betterment:

Roger Federer
Randy Quaid
Bristol Palin
Kobe Bryant
Steve Buscemi
Jared from Subway



Song: That’s The Way
Artist: Led Zeppelin
DVD: Led Zeppelin
Studio: Warner Strategic
Buy from: Amazon

157: “Fullness Of Wind (Variation On ‘The Canon In D Major’ By Johann Pachelbel)” by Brian Eno

Throw some food at Brian Eno.Here’s what Wikipedia’s good for: Brian Eno’s full name is Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno.

Hell yes, Wikipedia.

Eno strongly believes in pushing the boundaries of people’s perception of music and sounds.  His work ranges from the absurd to the sublime.  Here’s one of the latter.

From the album Discreet Music (1975), this one of three variations on Pachelbel’s Canon in D is the most beautiful to my ears.

Open up your ear holes and let this one in.  Enjoy.

Song: Fullness of Wind (Variation on ‘The Canon in D Major’ by Johann Pachelbel)
Artist: Brian Eno
Album: Discreet Music
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134: “God Make Me Funky” by The Headhunters

Hm. I think someone snuck into this picture.Dear God,

Make me funky(er) for Christmas.

-Uncle Funk

Enjoy some vintage 1975 Headhunters.

: God Make Me Funky
Artist: The Headhunters
Album: Survival of the Fittest
Label: Arista
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94: “Pedal Up” by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

He even tried to train an overgrown mole to handle an extra horn, but couldn't get it down.Here he is, the maestro himself.  Doing what he do.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk shows in this video the kind of crazy talent and multi-instrument ingenuity that makes him the inspiration of the greats.

Rahsaan could have circular breathed Kenny G, former world record holder, into the ground.  And I mean, when you can best Kenny G in anything related to circular breathing or haircare, then you’re hardcore.

Suck in a full, deep breath, and enjoy.

[Embedding is disabled on the video, so click to watch… and jump to 1:15 if you wanna skip Quincy Jones’ long-winded intro]

Song: Pedal Up
Artist: Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Album: Brotherman In The Fatherland
Label: Hyena Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

73: “Ain’t No Such Thing As Superman” by Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson

Gil Scott-Heron could give Zoolander a run for his money.Gil Scott-Heron had a great voice and a sharp tongue.  He’s still around.  He put out I’m New Here in February 2010, but it doesn’t sound anything like the tunes he created with Brian Jackson in the early 70’s.  I’m New Here is dark and haunting.  The songs of a hardened man.

Here’s a song, “Ain’t No Such Thing As Superman,” from The First Minute Of A New Day (1975) that has a good message.  Worth at least a once-over.


Song: Ain’t No Such Thing As Superman
Artist: Gil Scott Heron
Album: The First Minute of a New Day
Label: Arista / TVT Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

24: “Holy Ghost” by The Bar-Kays


Look, guys, I flipped a booger up on the ceiling.Here’s one of the funkiest bands of the early 70’s operating at full throttle.  “Holy Ghost” weighs in at 8 and a half minutes, plenty of time for the funk to ebb and flow through countless meters of head-bobbing goodness.  This song was Bar-Kay’d in 1975.

The Bar-Kays were a Stax Records staple.  They backed a bunch of Stax artists including Isaac Hayes on Hot Buttered Soul.

But where the hell did the name “The Bar-Kays” come from?  It’s like having a big scary bulldog and naming him “Sparkles.”  Just doesn’t fit.  I guess it was a different time in the 60’s when they formed, and that was a cooler name then than it sounds now.  What’s in a band name, anyway?  A good topic to pursue in subsequent posts.

Enjoy the funk.

Song: Holy Ghost
Artist: The Bar-Kays
Album: The Best of the Bar-Kays
Label: Fantasy Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: YouTube