188: “On Jupiter” by Sun Ra

Why is he wearing this? It's Wednesday.Sun Ra was a space and time traveler who was transported to Saturn around 1937 by aliens who communicated a special message to him about the chaos the world would soon find itself in. Luckily, Sun Ra was able to shine rays of order to pierce the chaos.  And now the world is all organized.

Sun Ra, formerly Sonny Blount, has an interesting life story (read Wikipedia). In addition to having a chronic testicular hernia to contend with throughout life, Sun Ra was one of the pioneers of “afrofuturism” which is a sane alternative to scientology. Sun Ra’s music was made of the stars, just like you and me.

Check out “On Jupiter” from the album of the same name, from 1978.

Remember, you’re spinning through the universe at thousands of miles per hour, and enjoy.

Song: On Jupiter
Artist: Sun Ra
Album: On Jupiter
Label: Art Yard
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Watch: YouTube

118b: “Find Yourself” by The Meters


Song: Find Yourself
Artist: The Meters
Album: Trick Bag
Label: Sundazed
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