271: “Slave To The Traffic Light” by Phish

Hand signal for: put sounds in earhole.Time slows. You awaken… more alert than ever.

Gravity feels strange. Light has an unusual color.

If the future was going to happen at all, you must be in it now.

And it is still happening.

Light is heavy and gravity is off-color.

There is a song playing. Phish perform the clockwork’s charge. The song’s name is obvious.

It is “Slave to the Traffic Light,” and you sit in its yoke.

You eat your kind, organic, veggie burrito on your lunch break from your damn job working for The Man, sitting behind the steering wheel of your life, and you slurp up the Phishy comeback sauce dripping off your fingers and sopping into your hippie mouthbeard.

It ain’t right.

But you just go on and enjoy yourself. Because it’s still a beautiful life.

Your carbon footprint is small. And the solo is tight.

Now go. Someone is honking at you.

Song: Slave To The Traffic Light
Artist: Phish
Album: Live Phish, Vol 1: 12/14/95, Binghamton, NY
Label: JEMP Records
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258: “Budsmokers Only” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Thanks GOD none of us wore our hair the same way!!Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are a breath of fresh Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, are they not? You ‘memba them?

If Eazy-E had made sweet reproductive love to Boyz II Men, the Boyz would have calved the Bone Thugs, with long, noodling cries of labor.

“Budsmokers Only” (1995) is my favorite tune by Bone Thugs, due to its catchy hook and despite its farcically offensive lyrics promoting the recreational use of marijuana, which is a strong theme with the BT’s. I enjoy this song primarily as a tool to work up a black sweat, and secondarily as an anthropological keyhole yielding insight into the bone thug community.

There IS the possibility of a tertiary usage of this song: smoking a jazz cigarette and dancing like a jello ninja to it. But I will not promote such behavior here.

To best appreciate it, listen to this song while transcendentally meditating. Enjoy.

Song: Budsmokers Only
Artist: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album: E. Eternal 1999
Label: Ruthless Records
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116: “Cry” by Money Mark (Dust Brothers Remix)

I like the way people look at me when there's a bunch of candy behind me.Get some fried pickles.  Get some coldbeers.  Then queue this one up, and let the juices flow.

Money Mark‘s original tune from 1995 is the bottom video.  A remix by The Dust Brothers on top.

Get hit in your soul.  Enjoy.

Song: Cry
Artist: Money Mark (Dust Brothers Remix)
Album: Got My Hand In Your Head
Label: Pid
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89: “All Night Long” by Junior Kimbrough


My curtains got more soul than yo music.Authentic hill country blues.

It ain’t Stevie Ray and it ain’t BB King.  It’s more rhythmic and it’s way more danceable.

It’s juke joint music.  Check out Junior Kimbrough, the king of juke joint blues, in his element (folks do seem inhibited by the cameras), performing one of his masterpieces, “All Night Long,” from the documentary Deep Blues.  Kimbrough put out his first album of the same name in 1995 on the Fat Possum label after decades of playing blues and making babies, which Junior was also good at.

Sip/shoot some moonshine if you got it, and enjoy.

Song: All Night Long
Artist: Junior Kimbrough
Album: Junior Kimbrough
Label: Fat Possum
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