236: “No Woman, No Cry” by Charlie Hunter

Tantalus.I was best friends with an awesome dog who had the relentless spirit of a thousand suns.

He died today, 12 years old, with a tennis ball in his mouth. He had chased it down quite thoroughly, and his heart gave out somewhere very near The Moment When He Snags The Ball And The Universe Is One.

He promptly found the tree he wanted to lay under, and he stopped living in this world.

Pretty solid way to go out.

I’ll miss you, Beck. I promise not to do too much of this crying nonsense that’s happening right now, and wag my ass more like you did all the time.

A song, in memory of Beckett Sardoosky Witherspoon…

Song: No Woman, No Cry
Artist: Charlie Hunter Quartet
Album: Natty Dread
Label: Blue Note
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Listen: MOG

168: “Oryssa” by Renaud Garcia-Fons

In every great picture, they're looking that direction.The French bassist, Renaud Garcia-Fons, incorporates middle eastern themes and instruments like the tabla (drums) into his music, as on this haunting track, “Oryssa,” which starts slow and builds to quite a climax.

And someone thoughtfully put the track to a very nice ocean scene.  YouTube is amazing, is it not?  I saw some incredible footage of the Japan earthquakes just hours after it happened, via YouTube.  I hope this interconnectedness can bring about more understanding between people… but then I remember the comment threads.  We’re pretty much screwed if comment threads on the Internet have any significant correlation to the navigation of the great human experiment.

Check out Garcia-Fons if you’re feeling musically adventuresome today, and willing to stick your head out long enough to enjoy.

Song: Oryssa
Artist: Renaud Garcia-Fons
Album: Oriental Bass
Label: ENJA RECORDS Matthias Winckelmann
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

122: “Brakes On (Gordini Mix)” by Air


Air, Transporters.Air, French band.  All over the place, like so many of the good ones.  This tune is from Premiers Symptomes (1997).

Have a good weekend, people.  Enjoy.

Song: Brakes On
Artist: Air
Album: Premiers Symptomes
Label: Astralwerks
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61: “Mullet Cut” by Critters Buggin

No soul patch required.Critters Buggin is the meaty stew made from the contributions of Mike Dillon, Skerik, Brad Houser, and Matt Chamberlain, originally concocted in Seattle in 1993.

“Mullet Cut” is from Host (1997).

Critters Buggin’s sound is heavy and thick.  In personal experience, their music often accompanies profuse sweating, even though there are vibraphones involved.

Start working up a sweat, and enjoy.

Song: Mullet Cut
Artist: Critters Buggin
Album: Host
Label: Loose Groove Records
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8: “U Can’t Sing R Song” by Spearhead

The Chocolate Supa Highway Is Paved With Republicans.Oh damn, y’all.  Here I go.  I’m gonna throw down some music to make love to your old lady (man) by.  Foreal.

Here’s one from Spearhead, from back before Michael Franti broke out as a star on his own right (he was always the star, he just started taking top billing later).  The entire album, Chocolate Supa Highway (1997) is epically good.  It’s a perfect album to make a rap-hater think twice.  Franti is a morally-driven man, and the lyrics on this album are often as deep and thoughtful as they are “well-spat” (I have derived at this term in an attempt to capture the vernacular of the street for “skillfully rapped”).  I’ve included a couple more YouTube listens from this album at the bottom to show you the full Franti range.

So put on ur purple bedspread, light some candles, download this song, and enjoy.

Song: U Can’t Sing R Song
Artist: Spearhead
Album: Chocolate Supa Highway
Label: Capitol Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: YouTube