206: “So You Want It To Rain” by Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack

I forgot your name.Speaking of your mom, why not get your face rocked by this song?

Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack kicked it like stinky cheese down your boulevard, on Welcome (2001).

Solid, inspired, and funky… like your mom on a steamy, summer night.

Enjoy the tribute.

Song: So You Want It To Rain
Artist: Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack
Album: Welcome
Label:  RCA Records
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Watch: YouTube


195: “Answering Bell” by Ryan Adams

Respect mah authoritah!I’m not a big fan of this guy. Ryan Adams has had a history of acting like a douchebag at shows that people have paid money to come see. I don’t get it.

But I saw Bridesmaids this past weekend, and I did fall in love with this simple song by the guy, douchebag or not. The movie is hilarious and I hope everyone with at least one functioning eyeball and earhole gets to see it.

I guess sometimes I’m a douchebag, too, I just don’t have a crowd around me to report the sad facts.



Song: Answering Bell
Artist: Ryan Adams
Album: Gold
Label: Lost Highway Records
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Watch: YouTube

170: “Dominant” by Beatless with Quasimoto, Madlib

Quas. Buy him in a box.Quasimoto, aka Lord Quas, is Madlib‘s alter ego, his own voice sped up.  Madlib can say things as Quas he might not say as himself, which is good, because rappers are very timid and inhibited by nature.  He uses hip-hop ventriloquism to overcome his inhibitions.

Beatless, the duo backing Quas/Madlib, were unfortunately named for search engine optimization… one letter different from “Beatles” confuses music searches.  They luckily possessed a stanky hook manufacturing license for their 2001 release of Life Mirrors.

I dare you to argue with me in the comments that this song isn’t worth repeated listens.  But I must warn you, I know how to speak doofus.

Enjoy it.

Song: Dominant
Artist: Beatless w/ Quasimoto, Madlib
Album: Life Mirrors
Label: Ubiquity Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes | Ubiquity

160: “Joyful Sounds” by The Word

The Word To The MotherLet’s hop in the Wayback Machine and head back to 2001, when Robert Randolph, the North Mississippi Allstars, and John Medeski teamed up to form The Word, an instrumental, gospel-inspired quintet.

Below is a video of the group performing on The Late Show with David Letterman.

It’s Friday, feels like spring in Knoxville, and life is beautiful.  Enjoy.

Song: Joyful Sounds
Artist: The Word
Album: The Word
Label: Ropeadope Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes | Ropeadope

131: “Join Hands” by Groove Armada


Do not approach these individuals.The album Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) was released on September 11, 2001.

The band, Groove Armada, has gotten a lot more “electronic” sounding since 2001.  This tune, “Join Hands,” was created with more traditional instrumentation, and it’s just good for your soul.


Song: Join Hands
Artist: Groove Armada
Album: Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)
Label: Jive Electro
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80: “To Catch A Thief” by Lovage

I've never seen the violence of love so eloquently depicted in still life.Here’s a gem from 2001.  Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By is a collaboration of freakazoid vocalist/producer Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle), Dan the Automator (aka. Nathaniel Merriweather of Handsome Boy Modeling School), insanely seductive vocalist Jennifer Charles, and turntabulist Kid Koala.

They call themselves Lovage.  The tracks range from sexually perverse to absurd to elegant.

Here’s a snappy one that’s safe for when the kids are around, called “To Catch A Thief.”

Wash your ass every day.  And enjoy.

Song: To Catch A Thief
Artist: Lovage
Album: Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By
Label: 75 Ark Records
Buy from: Amazon (CD Only)

76: “Sea Groove” by Big Boss Man


It's the classic funk band look.Big Boss Man is a British jazz/funk band.  Some Brits can cook, and some Brits can play good funk music.  It does happen.


Song: Sea Groove
Artist: Big Boss Man
Album: Humanize
Label: Blow Up
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes