338: “Loopdreams” by AIM / Slow Motion Laughing Baby

Classics are classics.
But just look at the sky,
And look back down.
Things have changed,
If only the angle of your neck.

Old is new.

Be careful where you point your mind.
Aim deliberately.
Safety’s off.
Clock’s ticking.
Exhale slowly…
And listen.

Song: Loopdreams
Artist: AIM
Album: Means of Production
Label: Grand Central Records
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327: “Busbarn” by Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet

Taint it something?I’m a dream ninja.

I have the ability to control and explore my dreaming mind once I realize I’m dreaming. Many people have lucid dreams. I’ve gone beyond lucid dreaming, to meticulously plotted dream exploration and mastery.

Before I sleep, I create a mental list of the areas to explore once I set the reins on the stallion of my dreaming mind. I fly. I invent. I love. I play masterful music on instruments I’ve never touched. I ride wild beasts. I become the beasts I ride. I explore space and seek out extra-terrestrial life. I transform into energy and join myself with stars.

Some dreams, I find myself in traps set by own mind. Nightmare thoughts that contort to ensnare me. It took a while to figure out the ways out of my own thought traps. I’m wiser now, and I’ve created a device in my dreams that allows me to jump free every time. It’s a panic switch, and it took dream science to create.

I can’t think about it much while I’m awake, or I’ll lose it while I’m asleep. The dream science is what got me in trouble. It attracted… attention. A whole new level of dreams lies beneath our own. I found it… and them.

I’m selecting songs for them here. I’m giving them a glimpse of the human world they’re so curious about. They’re curious beyond imagination, about this beautiful world, the living dream.


I arrest my existential stagings to introduce a most emblematic symbol of the rising tide of the dream-based manifest destiny. It’s the music of Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet. The Taintly 7 surf the great wave of the improvising human consciousness, honed over millennia to thrive in novel situations.

This track is “Busbarn” from Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet (2003). Another favorite is “Summer Pudding” from Live At The Triple Door (2010). Skerik is constantly touring with a different amalgam of amazing musicians, and always worth a nocturnal intermission.

Do enjoy.

Song: Busbarn
Artist: Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet
Album: Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet
Label: ropeadope
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319: “Black Jesus” by 9 Lazy 9

Italian band photos are like Yeti sighting photosMy shorts are plaid and my legs are thin. My glasses are seven years old, and I know the Latin names of dozens of species. I am a Pisces and I enjoy taking long walks in other people’s shoes.

I wonder openly and often what cavemen would think about things today.

I listen to music like “Black Jesus” by 9 Lazy 9, from Paradise Blown (2003). 9 Lazy 9, an Italian-based group, sounds, smells, looks, and tastes like Ninja Tunes. I dig that secret agent sound.

And if you like the picture I’m painting, we should meet up somewhere tonight. We just need to sync up our lucid dream cycles to astrally connect. I’ll shoot for 3.37am. I will be the one wearing tassels and an ornate codpiece, and I’ll be yelling your name loudly.

Sweet dreams, and enjoy.

Song: Black Jesus
Artist: 9 Lazy 9
Album: Paradise Blown
Label: Ninja Tunes
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294: “Ma” by Tom Zé

You will open your ears. OPEN THEM!!I’ve been coddling you. You need new musical fiber in your diet.

Eat this. It’s a compilation of Brazilian artist Tom Zé who is as radical as his name. He writes his signature with a sword on the chest of evil-doers if he writes it at all. He helped create the Tropicalia sound of 1960’s Brazil between swordplay. The word “stallion” belongs in this paragraph.

Brazil Classics 4: The Best of Tom Zé (2003) is from the Luaka Bop label, which is an active force in keeping music rich in fiber.

Make time to enjoy new kinds of high-fiber music, for a healthy, regular mental process.

Song: Ma
Artist: Tom Zé
Album: Brazil Classics 4: The Best Of Tom Zé
Label: Luaka Bop
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279: “Underbrush” by Robert Walter’s 20th Congress

Man, lay it down. Lay it DOWN! ... Now clean that up!What’s in the underbrush?

Snipe? Or the next Model-T-Style Revolution?

In my’stimation, you’d best to rustle them bushes, and see what comes out.

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress deserves time in your ‘brushy ear holes. Here’s “Underbrush” from Giving Up The Ghost (2003).

Just listen and thank about thangs, y’all. Shake something loose.

And enjoy.

Song: Underbrush
Artist: Robert Walter’s 20th Congress
Album: Giving Up The Ghost
Label: Magna Carta Records
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269: “Do That There” by Lyrics Born

Hello, I am the body that contains the voice that belies its container.Lyrics Born is a rapper with a high white-dude affinity quotient. He not only enunciates, but he’s got absurd lyrics that a worry-free cracker can really appreciate. For instance, he makes a reference to Bananarama, Atlantis, Santana, and a spatula within a 12 second span on this track.

So, for some rap artistry that won’t tax your (honkey) conscience, check out “Do That There” from Later That Day… (2003) or the Young Einstein Remix, from Same !@#$ Different Day (2005).


Song: Do That There
Artist: Lyrics Born
Album: Later That Day…
Label: Quannum Projects
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Song: Do That There  (Young Einstein Hoo-Hoo Mix)
Artist: Lyrics Born
Album: Same !@#$ Different Day
Label: Quannum Projects
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Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

232: “Lando’s Lament” by Aubergine 3

Everyone look at me and say "Eggplant!"The 1970’s called… and they want this sarcastic go-to phrase back.

They also mentioned that they dug the future groove that happened to be pumping out of my funkbox when I answered the time-machine phone.

The band’s mother calls it Aubergine 3, and the track, “Lando’s Lament,” from In All Things Modulation (2003), is worth emulsifying with your own ingredients, and spreading across some time.

He never meant to hurt you, Han Solo.


Song: Lando’s Lament
Artist: Aubergine 3
Album: In All Things Modulation
Label: Transistor
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219: “Chocolate Town” by Ween

Best band photo ever?I try not to repeat too many artists on this site, but Ween is one band that I’m pretty certain I’ll love my whole life. They’re worth at least two posts. And while Ween could be written off as shallow, or gimicky, or immature, or homophobic, or anti-semitic, or fat-ist (biased against fat people?) for their absurd lyrics, Gene and Dean Ween are also talented, hilarious, and inspired. And I’m pretty sure they have nothing against fatties, homo’s, or jews. Those groups just happen to be ripe for humorous digs. Whatcha gonna do?

I’ll now put my foot in my mouth and let all my fat, gay, Jewish readers enjoy “Chocolate Town,” one of the more beautiful songs by Ween. The lyrics are absurd (but politically correct). Classic low-key Ween.


Song: Chocolate Town
Artist: Ween
Album: Quebec
Label: Chocodog Records
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Watch: YouTube

210: “Boombox” by The Mosquitos

So far out he fits right in.From Mosquitos‘ self-titled debut album in 2003, “Boombox” is hard not to enjoy. Portugese and English combine on the lovely lips of JuJu Stulbach.

West Nile virus can suck it.


Song: Boombox
Artist: Mosquitos
Album: Mosquitos
Label: Mosquitos
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Watch: YouTube

189: “Swamp Chomp” by The Diplomats Of Sound

Some people want my pimp juice, but they can't have it.From Let’s Cool One (2003), “Swamp Chomp” jiggles rear ends. If your rear end is just hanging around, you might want to brace for significant near-term rear end movement, should you be so precipitously bold as to push the play button below and open your ear holes.

The Diplomats of Sound are straight ahead. From the Mecca of musicalness… Iowa City.


Song: Swamp Chomp
Artist: The Diplomats of Sound
Album: Let’s Cool One
Label: Estrus Records
Buy from: Amazon
Watch: YouTube