248: “Sidearms and Parsnips” by Fila Brazillia

Not your mom's electronica duo.Your mother would love this band (if she’s awesome), even though the name of the album is Dicks (2004). BUT… she’s never heard of them.

Send your mom some music by Fila Brazillia, or whoever. Experiment with different methods of sending music to your mom. Email. Beatbox on the phone. On a cd, in a case, in a box. Interpretive dance. Twitter. Via Dad. Whateva. No way this can go wrong!

Start sharing now. After all… you love your mother.

Find something you can both cop a groove to, and enjoy.

Song: Sidearms and Parsnips
Artist: Fila Brazillia
Album: Dicks
Label: Twentythree
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Watch: YouTube

247: “1976” by RJD2

C3PO, you sure got a purty mouth.RJD2 is everyone’s favorite droid. C3PO is basically the straight robot, and the clever RJD2’s bleeps and blurps become the comic relief one so desperately needs when waging righteous interstellar rebelliousness.

Enjoy “1976” from Since We Last Spoke (2004).

Song: 1976
Artist: RJD2
Album: Since We Last Spoke
Label: RJ’s Electrical Connections
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207: “Sundust” by Bill Frisell

Engage.Interesting video backdrop and prelude to an interesting tune by existential guitarist Bill FrisellKenny Wolleson on drums, and Hal Willner making the other sounds.

Sounds like music that just couldn’t help but happen.

Enjoy it like mustard and cheese on ham.

Song: Sundust
Artist: Bill Frisell
Album: Unspeakable
Label: Nonesuch Records
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91: “Bridging The Gap” by Nas featuring Olu Dara

Check out that tiny little horn! Olu is sure of his masculinity.I was actually looking up Olu Dara when I found this video by his son, rapper Nas, from 2004.

It’s a strong mash-up of the past and present and a stirring homage from a grown man to his father.

Discovered my father’s music like Prince searching through boxes of purple rain.

Nas even glorifies the art of reading.  Somebody tell this guy he’s a rapper and he’s breaking some rules about what a rapper’s supposed to be like.

He wins some rap cred with the dancers on this video, though.  Damn.  Very classy, too.  For rap video girls.


Song: Bridging the Gap
Artist: Nas featuring Olu Dara
Album: Bridging The Gap
Label: Sony Urban Music/Columbia
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44: “Hands On” by DJ Nu-Mark, Featuring Key Kool from The Visionaries

DJ Nu-Mark and his friend Rufus.Key Kool raps in Japanese on this one, with DJ Nu-Mark on the steel wheels.

Like so much in life, you don’t have to understand it to enjoy it…

Song: Hands On
Artist: DJ Nu-Mark
Album: Hands On
Label: Sequence
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20: “Gabrielle” by Ween

Ween Love You.Say what you will about the “brothers” Gene and Dean Ween, it’s probably deserved.  But then there’s the fact that they’ve also been able to write some genuinely good music mixed in with the sophomoric humor that I also wind up enjoying.  And then again, I am pretty sure that everything this band does has a tongue in its cheek.

Ween can croon, they can swing, they can go country (they did so, with Willie Nelson’s band on 12 Golden Country Greats), they can even mock Prince and compliment him at the same time.  Gene Ween does Michael McDonald as well as anyone on “Boys Club” from Shinola Vol 1… a song that’s only as gay as you make it.

In “Gabrielle,” they seem to be channeling Thin Lizzy.  They can flip between genres/sounds as quickly as they can offend.  If you like the idea of a band doing Thin Lizzy better than Thin Lizzy, download this.

Ween only sounds this way on this one song.  Every other song is completely different.  I dig that.

This is a safe Ween track.  So, enjoy.

Song: Gabrielle
Artist: Ween
Album: Shinola (Vol 1)
Label: Chocodog Records
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Listen: YouTube