315: “Karte” by Shugo Tokumaru

This test tube contains my music.Shugo Tokumaru creeps out of a hole under the carpet beneath your bed while you are at work. He diligently labors at something in the air with his speedy fingers that no human eyes can see, weaving and tussling. When he is done a few hours later, he plucks the invisible something out of the air, crams it back into his satchel, and squeezes himself back through the hole in your floor.

He is making Japanese music.

I just gave it all away. The Little People will be after me now. Shugo’s new album is In Focus? (2013). A specimen from his 2006 album L.S.T. is below.

Evidenced for biographical insight, below is a detailed translation of the back cover of a travel pamphlet Shugo Tokumaru once sat upon:

Southern-American Euphemisms – And Translations

you sure got yer dumplins mushed – you’re ugly

colder’n a witchy areola – quite cold indeed

hotter’n a skivvy swamp – quite hot indeed

like a pocketful of mayonnaise – useless

shut your face, you jackass – I do not care for you

ah eight squirrel brains – I eat squirrel brains

hornswoggled as a junebug/woolybooger in a snuff pouch/spit can – confused/bedraggled

America the Beautiful! Flights daily.


Song: Karte
Artist: Shugo Tokumaru
Album: L.S.T.
Label: Active Suspension
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Watch: YouTube

273: “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” by Robert Randolph & The Family Band

Emotation.Robert Randolph & The Family Band have moments of such intense, unbridled enthusiasm on the stage that many audience members garden-hose-shart their underpants from the excitement. The band’s performances are a bonafide pudding factory.

Randolph’s personal and musical background is in the House of God Church, so he knows how to reach out and touch spirits.

Catch them live this spring and summer! And shart for yourself.

“Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” is off of Colorblind (2006) and there’s a great live performance below from Late Night with David Letterman.

Sit on a towel and enjoy.

Song: Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That
Artist: Robert Randolph & The Family Band
Album: Colorblind
Label: Warner Bros.
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Watch: YouTube

254: “My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes” by The Evil Tambourines

Next Time: My Dream Girl Picks Up Dog PooSome people make love to their own shoes. Some people listen to Ace of Bass… earnestly. And it is only safe to assume there are a number of sadistic miscreants who intentionally put underbutter on door handles.

Everyone who is worth their requisite oxygen has considered the notion that they might be THE ONLY REAL PERSON IN THE WORLD.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve done extensive research on the nature of the existence of a plurality of REAL PERSONS IN THE WORLD. And I must assure you with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE, of this fact:


I have a scientific hunch that if you have not made love to your shoes (too much), extravagantly enjoyed Ace of Bass, or misused underbutter, then you… in fact… might be REAL.

Breathe. And take stock.

Still… I’m just guessing. You very well might be a robot or simply a figment.

Listen to “My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes” by The Evil Tamborines, from Library Nation (2006). And enjoy.

If you’re even real at all.

Song: My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes
Artist: The Evil Tambourines
Album: Library Nation
Label: Sub Pop Records
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240: “Doin’ The Thing” by Lefties Soul Connection

Netherlander Funken.Driving instrumental funk?


Lefties Soul Connection is an Amsterdam-based funk engine. I had something more to say about them, but I left my notes in my other pants, which are in my other car, which exists only in a euphemism on a bumper sticker on my current car. Stupid place to put them. I can’t very well find my pants in a euphemism, so I don’t have anything else to say, other than…


Song: Doin’ The Thing
Artist: Lefties Soul Connection
Album: Hutspot
Label: Excelsior Recordings
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239: “Airstrip One” by Bobby Previte’s Coalition of the Willing

I look 20% more like Draco Malfoy in this light.Bobby Previte is a prolific songwriting jazz drummer. He’s worked with dozens of the highest caliber musicians stardust can spawn. The Coalition of the Willing (active 2006-2007) rotated through several members that included Charlier Hunter, Skerik, Steven Bernstein, Jamie Saft and Robert Walter.

Previte’s songwriting is cinematic and grand, and it seems great musicians enjoy operating in the space he creates.

“Airstrip One” cracks wide open at about the 2:18 mark. Horns come in right at liftoff when the song turns funky.

You gotta be judicious with horns. And laxatives. And blondes. And blondes on laxatives.

Check out Bobby Previte if you get a chance. If you ever see him live, you will see that he works hard for the money. So you go on and treat him right.


Song: Airstrip One
Artist: Bobby Previte’s Coalition of the Willing
Album: Coalition of the Willing
Label: Ropeadope
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Watch: YouTube

225: “4:08” by Clutchy Hopkins

Have you seen this white guy with a beard?The Life of Clutchy Hopkins (2006) is a rich experience, as well as fully enumerated, each song named by its length. Every song title standing like a gravestone marking the run-time of its inhabitant. But it seems the life of Clutchy Hopkins was not fully captured in just these 12 songs, since Clutchy has shared a couple more releases since then.

Clutchy Hopkins is an “anonymous” artist (or a few), working under pseudonym, and I like the guys’ style, whoever they is. Here’s a page on clutchyhopkins.com dedicated to providing the most up to date theories on his identity. I’d say it’s clever marketing, but I don’t think Clutchy’s touching many charts, so it can’t be all that clever.

“4:08” is aptly named, if nothing else. (The YouTube video below has 1:30 of silence at the end.) Listen to it yourself for the rest, and enjoy.

Song: 4:08
Artist: Clutchy Hopkins
Album: The Life of Clutchy Hopkins
Label: Misled Children
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Watch: YouTube

196: “Black Sweat” by Prince

Cover that nasty nipple, Prince!You won’t be able to find a high-audio-quality version of this song on YouTube, but what it lacks in audio quality, the video below makes up for in style.

“Black Sweat” is from Prince‘s album 3121 (2006), and it’s worth every penny to buy the actual, plastic compact disc packaged in felled trees, because the bits and bytes version ain’t for sale. And the FBI warning against piracy on the front of my copy is as big as the title of the album. Prince don’t play with pirates. Unless perhaps you’re a playmate wearing an eyepatch.

If you got any soul at all, this song will make you scream like a white lady… like Prince himself.

3-2-1… Enjoy.

Song: Black Sweat
Artist: Prince
Album: 3121
Label: Umvd Labels
Buy from: Amazon
Watch: YouTube

163: “Just Kiddin'” and “Vision of Kali (Extended)” by Club D’elf

Yes, this is my bass.  Now let's play.Don’t shart, but I have a good song for you.  In fact, there are two.  Pick the one you like better, and that’s the one I mean…

It’s rare that hearing a song would create instant incontinence, but the metaphor is nearly powerful enough to convey my conviction.

You won’t ever get tired of this song.  Play it for your parents, your business associates, your children’s friends, and while you brush your teeth.

Club D’elf is responsible for the tune, from the album Now I Understand (2006).  Club D’elf is composed of too many revolving featured artists to list, but it’s led through the musical wilderness by bassist Mike Rivard.

Mike Rivard has actually had several documented cases of crapping his own pants because he plays so well at times.*  Ask him about it if you see him.  And get close to his face when you ask him about when he craps his pants because he’s so awesome.

I’ll stop typing.  Enjoy.

*Don’t look at me.  I got nothing.

Songs: Just Kiddin’, Vision of Kali (Extended)
Artist: Club D’elf
Album: Now I Understand
Label: Accurate Records
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155: “Bus Stop No 5” by The New Mastersounds

Great Britain is bringin' the funk, aw yeah.It is only after years of grueling training in the funk arts that a band can master the kind of swagger it takes to pull off a truly great funk song.  And so it is that with the confidence of a steely-eyed warrior, this quartet lays down their masterful grooves.  Hm, perhaps I’m taking liberties.  They actually look baked.  But you can tell they practice.

And no, this is not a recording from the 70’s, despite its nostalgic aromas. The New Mastersounds are a contemporary outfit from Leeds, England.

It’s from the album 102% (2006).  Getcha some.

Gone and enjoy, now.

Song: Bus Stop No 5
Artist: The New Mastersounds
Album: 102%
Label: One Note Records
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147: “End Of The Road” by Umphrey’s McGee

Umphrey's targeting the African American base with this logo.I sure enjoy me a good dose of jamband now and then.  It can get old quick, though, just as wearing the same awesome shirt for a few days in a row can hamper the shirt’s awesomeness.

But this song is not your quintessential jamband song, and it’s not your quintessential jamband either.  Umphrey’s McGee is the band that would happen if Elvis Costello and Phish did the nasty… reproductively.  That’s a weak description but it’s got strong potential imagery.  I’ll extrapolate: Elvis Costello and Phish would do the nasty on stage in a very loud and grody fashion, with several heavily lubricated instruments, and there’d be a wicked light show going on all around them, culminating in a blinding light focusing on the instantly gestated and emerging baby (Umphrey’s McGee) who would come out of Elvis Costello’s “mouth” and bounce across the audience (yeah, there’s an audience!) in a giant, clear, slime-coated beach ball (with breathing holes).  And then everyone would eat kind veggie burritos in the parking lot.

Anyway… this here is a chill jam, recorded live in 2008 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, called “End of the Road.”  It’s for all you tweekers out there who need to calm your selves down.  Enjoy.

Song: End of the Road
Artist: Umphrey’s McGee
Album: Safety in Numbers
Label: SCI Fidelity Recordings
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes