323: “Your Mother Was My Teacher” by Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle

Your mother was my vibraphone.She looked me in the eye and she said…

…My arms are super hairy.

…I had an internship in college slicing rat brains into thin layers like at Arby’s.

…I’ll throw oranges at you if pay me enough.

…No, I can’t poop at work!

…I only date guys who have had face tattoos removed.

…”Your Mother Was My Teacher” by Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle, is from Battery Milk (2007). The band is centered around frontman/vibraphonist Mike Dillon. The song is a colorful documentation of a simple, precipitous conversation.


Song: Your Mother Was My Teacher
Artist: Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle
Album: Battery Milk
Label: Hyena Records
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304: “Tutwiler” by Rick Holmstrom

Feelin' groovy!Sometimes I like to roll words around in my mouth. Words like…

Adjudicate. Glockenspiel. Belly button. Chutzpah. Pupu platter. Homunculus. Burrrrrito. Herpes. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton. Swizzlesticks. Konnichiwa. (You can keep going on your own…)

Gnome sane, homes?

Words are fun and useful. “Words” sits alongside “Music” in the Pro’s column of my Being Alive Pro’s & Con’s T-chart, which I will publish on my gravestone. ‘Ell oh ‘ell.


Roll this song around in your head. It’s from Rick Holmstrom, a straight ahead blues guitar man with a name that rolls off only the most well-exercised American tongue. The song is “Tutwiler” from Late in the Night (2007).

Rick also has a brand new album, Cruel Sunrise (2012), that is very good (includes his old friend and co-worker Mavis Staples on a few tracks). But I was just totally getting down in the car the other day, slapping my steering wheel and nodding my head like a durn fool, while listening to this tune and felt a deep, strong desire, in the most existential reaches of my jiggling gut, to share this song with you, alongside a ridiculous arrangement of words.

Thank-you, and enjoy.

Song: Tutwiler
Artist: Rick Holmstrom
Album: Late In The Night
Label: M.C. Records
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Watch: YouTube

277: “Conversation Heart” by The Six Parts Seven

Unaverage band photo win.The Six Parts Seven got started by the Karpinski Bro’s (Allen and Jay) as a rhythm-based massage-therapy outfit in Kent, Ohio. Their massage sessions were also jam sessions. They would rhythmically pound and rub their clients, creating slaps, thuds, and squishes that mesmerized. The vibe was very relaxing, but customers didn’t like the spinning hippies who would invariably show up to soak in the mellow.

So the Parts segued into traditional instrument-based music. Their sound is like a massage, if you can relax into it. Their M.O. is to find a melodic theme and ride it like a wave, until the wave lets them know it’s time to paddle back out. And spinning hippies are okay in that context.

Would any of this be written down on the Internet if it were not true??

In related news, I happen to be a profoundly expert belly-drummer. Sometimes I go to the park on sunny days and wail on my belly. A few very special times, ecstatic hippies have surrounded me, spinning and drumming. During those beautiful moments of peaking positive energy, I turned my face to the sky, still slapping on my pink gut, and gave thanks to (The Turtle Holding Up The Earth*), for the mysterious gift that is Life On This Planet.

Just. Enjoy.

* In your mind, please insert the entity here that you think I should have used.

Song: Conversation Heart
Artist: The Six Parts Seven
Album: Casually Smashed To Pieces
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
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Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

185: “Okie Dokie” by Dan Deacon

Spiderman of the LambsDan Deacon farts in your general direction. In fact, we all fart in each others’ general direction with regularity… unless you fart toward outer space.

Dan Deacon creates a colossal amount of energy during his live performances. He’s got the glasses. He’s got the technology. And by God, he’s got the kind of smoldering swerve-sack it takes to walk perpendicular to the flow of gravity. It’s contagious, despite its source.

Enjoy the soon-to-be-translated-to-the-Philharmonic “Okie Dokie” from Spiderman of the Rings (2007). Also try “Big Milk” for a different sound from the same release.

Song: Okie Dokie
Artist: Dan Deacon
Album: Spiderman of the Rings
Label: Carpark Records
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Watch: YouTube

172: “OK, It’s Alright With Me” by Eric Hutchinson

Holdin' up a wall. Whatchoo doin?Here’s a feelgood Friday song.

Eric Hutchinson sings and plays.  You suffer a jump to YouTube and a 15 second commercial for the pleasure of hearing him.

Which do you think came first for humans, walking upright or music?  Farming or music?
Isn’t walking, with its rhythm and timing, something like a song?
Isn’t the thrust and scrape of digging a hole something like a song?
When does music-like action become
actual music?
Does it require intention or awareness to be music?

You’re welcome for totally blowing your mind.  I mean, this is like grad-school level consideration of esoteric proportions.  You know what I’m sayin?


Song: OK, It’s Alright With Me
Artist: Eric Hutchinson
Album: Sounds Like This
Label: Warner Bros
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135: “Glad To Be Unhappy” by Billy Holiday (DJ Logic remix)

What is this on the side of my head? Don't tell me!Some people get caught up in what kind of instruments should be allowed to make music and which ones shouldn’t.

I prefer to live life with a stick-free ass environment.  Life is so much more enjoyable with an open mind.  An open mind is the devil’s picnic, as a saying goes, but you gotta remember that without the devil, the world would be totally boring.

Here’s a great Billie Holiday tune reworked by DJ Logic to nice effect, I think.


Song: Glad To Be Unhappy
Artist: Billie Holiday (DJ Logic Remix)
Album: Remixed & Reimagined
Label: Columbia/Legacy
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111: “Hey Love” by Sa-Ra Creative Partners

It is ze look originale!!LA-based Sa-Ra Creative Partners are hyper-sexual and hyper-talented, spewing grooves as funky as their lyrics are nasty.*

This one, “Hey Love,” is from The Hollywood Recordings (2007).  Prince had a baby with Sly Stone, and that kid is this song.  It was a disgusting process, but let’s dig the results below.

Also check out “The Bone Song” from the funkiest album since Outkast’s last^… Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love (2009).

You’re nasty.  So enjoy.

*Nasty: see Janet Jackson’s definition.
^Last last??

Song: Hey Love
Artist: Sa-Ra Creative Partners
Album: The Hollywood Recordings
Label: Babygrande Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

97: “Shishko’s Blues” by Slavic Soul Party!

The Slavic Invasion is about to happen to music.  Just watch.  Closely.The Brooklyn-based band Slavic Soul Party! sounds something to my ears like a cross between New Orleans brass band and klezmer, with some Latin juicy-juice thrown in.  And sometimes I hear something Balkany-sounding, too.  “BalkanSoulGypseFunk” is what they call it.  They’re actually touring the US right now!!

Just listen.

And enjoy.

Song: Shishko’s Blues
Artist: Slavic Soul Party!
Album: Teknochek Collision
Label: Barbés Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

92: “Panepha” by Method of Defiance

Bill Laswell fully endorses grannies listening to his music.Bassist Bill Laswell teamed up with Herbie Hancock and Paradox in 2007 to crank out this intense, highly accomplished, driving funk, revolving around the drum ‘n bass loops that Paradox lays down.  Method of Defiance is the name they chose to call the amalgam of electronic and instrumental musicians.  But it’s not for the faint of heart or for little, old ladies.

So check your granny at the door, or ear muff her.  Then saddle up.  And enjoy.

Song: Panepha
Artist: Method of Defiance
Album: Inamorata
Label: Ohm Resistance
Buy from: Amazon

87: “Sun Will Set” by Zoë Keating

Chick on cello!!Here’s a live 2007 performance from cellist Zoë Keating, who uses computers and live sampling in her songs.

This one is simple and beautiful.  “Sun Will Set” is from her self-produced debut (and only) album, One Cello x 16: Natoma (2005).  It’s won a lot of awards.

I play a game with my friends where I punch them in the arm real hard when I see a nice-lookin’ lady playing a cello, and I yell “Chick On Cello!”  Maybe it will catch on.

My humor does not complement the content of this video well.  I apologize.

Stop reading, and enjoy.

Song: Sun Will Set
Artist: Zoë Keating
Album: One Cello x 16: Natoma
Label: Zoë Keating
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes