261: “Go Je Je” by Antibalas

Maybe if this band took white slaves back to Africa...You are a child of Africa whether you’re white as sin or black as a ghost…

Antibalas is an American band with a sound based on an African “afrobeat” style that was heavily influenced by exported American funk and jazz, which was itself borne from souls brought to America who were stolen from African lands centuries before.

And Antibalas is in no way affiliated with the gag-inducing, depressing tone of this blog post. Sorry, I thought it was sounding cool, but it’s a downer. I’m pretty sad right now. But not real sad, of course. I’m just white-and-fat-sad. Luckily, I can just end the paragraph.

That’s better. Now, let’s listen to this song together and see if we can find our joy again.


Song: Go Je Je
Artist: Antibalas
Album: Government Magic
Label: AfroSound Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube