205: “The Reverend” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Beam me up, Scotty. I got the technology.I guess if you’d have told me when I was twelve that The Fresh Prince, my favorite rapper at the time, would become a huge TV and movie star, I might have been a little bit surprised. But how do kids today react when they hear Will Smith’s early rap songs? They’re dated, but oh so Will Smith. The dude was obviously born a star.

When DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince released And In This Corner... in 1989, I was sporting, at the ripe age of 14, a newly-received, bright yellow Sony cassette walkman, and I was so freaking cutting edge that your mom was already hitting on me.

I listened to this song repeatedly. I can still rap every line flawlessly and will do so if you just ask me.

Happy Friday. Enjoy.

Song: The Reverend
Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Album: And In This Corner
Label: Jive Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube