264: “Ash Wednesday Sunrise” by Galactic

Shut your face. I'm back for the music.Galactic, as a band, is older than most gutter rats.

Carnivale Electricos was Galactic’s 2012 Mardi Gras present to the world, wherein they mix their never-weak sauce with guests you need not have known before you taste, and the result is always robust and reliable. So listen. And then visit the city of New Orleans. Eat and drink, and lift that beautiful stuff in the air while toasting these guys.

In unrelated news, an old computer I had laying around just jumped out my window screaming “Y2K NOW!!!” But it can’t get far on that operating system.

Enjoy this FONKY song, and then the whole FONKING album.

Song: Carnivale Time
Artist: Galactic
Album: Carnivale Electricos
Label: Anti/Epitaph
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Listen: MOG | Spotify

62: “And I’m Out” by Galactic, featuring Mr. Lif

They were originally named "Galactic Prophylactic" but there was a legal dispute over that gem.Back in 2007 the New Orleans-based jam band Galactic put out the first of two albums, From The Corner To The Block (2007) and Ya-Ka-May (2010), on which they collaborated with a different rap artist on almost every track.  The band had previously relied on the vocals of Theryl DeClouet (also known as House Man), a more traditional soul/R&B singer whose health issues prevented further collaboration.

The band is dedicated to their hometown of New Orleans.  Stanton Moore, their virtuoso drummer, created his own dark, instrumental version of the Led Zeppelin classic “When The Levee Breaks” after hurricane Katrina changed the city forever, and Galactic performs it when they want to make your soul ache.

This track, “And I’m Out,” features the verbal stylings of hip-hop artist, Mr. Lif, who hails from Boston.

If it keeps on raining… just enjoy this tune.

Song: And I’m Out
Artist: Galactic, featuring Mr. Lif
Album: From The Corner To The Block
Label: Anti/Epitaph
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