282: “Divine Image” by David Axelrod

If you could only see what I see... illuminated by the glare from behind my hair...The song is “Divine Image” by David Axelrod, Songs of Innocence (1969). Axelrod cooked up some funky orchestral chemistry back in the prime Quincy Jones days. Check his stack, jack.

Put this song on a list such as:

-Listen to “Divine Image”
-Wax back, etc.
-Think about what is most important
-Stay hydrated
-Wipe toward tailbone
-Emanate voluminously
-Work hard & enjoy…

Song: A Divine Image
Artist: David Axelrod
Album: The Edge (David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970)
Label: Captiol Records
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Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

190: “Nonstop Disco Powerpack” by The Beastie Boys

I get paid for this shit.Talk about a time machine timewarp. To celebrate the release of their latest album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (May 2011), the Beastie Boys threw free tracks of the entire album onto YouTube, and get this… the tracks are recorded off a damn jambox sitting on the Knicks’ floor in Madison Square Garden.  It sounds terrible, like warm ass.  It’s poetry.

I hope you’ve appreciated what has gone down here this month… it’s fruition of the future.  You don’t need flac files and gold speaker wires to taste these jams.  A jambox (and/or a broadband Internet connection) is all the technology you need.  And if you want a distilled taste of Beastie Boys relevance listen to Ad-Rock find his flow at 1:05.  Dude was born in 1966.  But he’s only as old as his last idea.

And yes, there’s a 30-minute video revisit of “Fight for your Right” with Will Ferrell, Jack Black and Jim Henson’s muppets.  Here it is.

So strap on your hightops, tighten up your fade, let your suspenders hang, and enjoy a radical ride, dude.

Song:  Nonstop Disco Powerpack
Artist: Beastie Boys
Album: Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
Label: Capitol Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes | Beastie Boys
Watch: YouTube

183: “Fakin’ The Funk” by Main Source

The dude in orange is probably going to get hit in the balls.This one’s from the soundtrack to the movie White Men Can’t Jump, entitled White Men Can’t Rap (1992). It’s “Fakin’ the Funk” by the band Main Source.

From back in the day when Cypress Hill was on top of the hill. I reminisce about those days and it seems like things were less insane in the membrane, going insane. I got no brain.

Happy Friday, funksters. Enjoy.

Song: Fakin’ The Funk
Artist: Main Source
Album: White Men Can’t Rap
Label: Capitol
Buy from: Amazon
Watch: YouTube

8: “U Can’t Sing R Song” by Spearhead

The Chocolate Supa Highway Is Paved With Republicans.Oh damn, y’all.  Here I go.  I’m gonna throw down some music to make love to your old lady (man) by.  Foreal.

Here’s one from Spearhead, from back before Michael Franti broke out as a star on his own right (he was always the star, he just started taking top billing later).  The entire album, Chocolate Supa Highway (1997) is epically good.  It’s a perfect album to make a rap-hater think twice.  Franti is a morally-driven man, and the lyrics on this album are often as deep and thoughtful as they are “well-spat” (I have derived at this term in an attempt to capture the vernacular of the street for “skillfully rapped”).  I’ve included a couple more YouTube listens from this album at the bottom to show you the full Franti range.

So put on ur purple bedspread, light some candles, download this song, and enjoy.

Song: U Can’t Sing R Song
Artist: Spearhead
Album: Chocolate Supa Highway
Label: Capitol Records
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: YouTube