328: “The Rich (And The Poor)” by Keith Jarrett

Can you smell it?


What can YOU do with your body? Yeah, maybe you can jump. Maybe you can dance. Maybe you can do everything it takes to live a transcendental life in a material world.

But can you sneeze just by thinking about it? Probably not. You most likely have to tickle your nose or pluck a nose hair to elicit a sneeze from your body machine.

In a sneeze event, your body takes control and makes some serious, multiple-horsepower adjustments to your run-of-the-mill exhalation. It’s your body’s involuntary, evolutionary, survival reflexes that make your superhuman sneeze an everyday event… caused by a simple, tickling trigger. Which begs the questions:

What else could you achieve with this body you wear,
if you knew how to tickle out other “sneeze events” from it?

Could you lift a car?

Could you leap higher than holy globbit?

Could you make the world around you a better place with your attitude, your effort, and your smile?

Could you do what you couldn’t do before, because you didn’t have the strength?

I think you could. And I think we can.

We need to tickle our metaphorical nose hairs, and pluck a few if we’re desperate! Because there is secret power inside us all, inside our body machines and inside our mind machines. Our role model is as familiar as the noses on our faces and faster than a speeding locomotive, excluding the mag-lev ones.

What kind of sneezes are inside you, just waiting for the right tickle?


Bullet: Here’s a classic Keith Jarrett track that I groove to while I center my Chi and eat Krystal burgers with mayonnaise fries. It’s called “The Rich (And The Poor)” and rigorous, independent lab tests concur this song encourages healthy digestion with clean, liberating movements.

Bullet: Here’s a list of the elements resulting in the eruptive exhalation called “Treasure Island (1974): Keith Jarrett played piano. Dewey Redman played tenor saxophone. Charlie Haden played bass. Paul Motian played drums & percussion. The surging plume is superhuman. Listen closely to hear Keith letting go of some woo’s during his piano solo between the 2 and 3 minute marks.

Bullet: Enjoy.

Song: The Rich (And The Poor)
Artist: Keith Jarrett
Album: Treasure Island
Label: GRP
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Listen: MOG | Rdio | Spotify | YouTube


244: “Zig Zag” by Ornette Coleman

Don't move a muscle... or I'll blow.Whether or not you like “free jazz,” this song, “Zig Zag,” has an interesting hook: the free jazz pioneer, alto saxophonist Ornette Coleman, is accompanied by his then 10-year-old son Denardo on drums.

It’s just a (world-renowned musician) father playing with his young son (oh, and Charlie Haden on bass). Listen to the playfulness of Ornette’s melodies and the young drummer imitating his father’s unstructured musical pursuit. You should also know it wasn’t the publicity stunt of an absentee parent. Denardo has been one of Ornette’s primary drummers since the 70’s.

The Empty Foxhole was released in 1966. On it, Ornette Coleman also plays trumpet and violin in addition to his alto sax. He doesn’t know how to play the violin, but if people will pay to listen to him make noise with it, then I guess he knows how to use it. Here’s a great article from AllAboutJazz about the album.

Open up your ear holes, and enjoy some free jazz family fun.

Song: Zig Zag
Artist: Ornette Coleman
Album: The Empty Foxhole
Label: Blue Note Records
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178: “Lonely Woman” by Charlie Haden and Paul Motian, featuring Geri Allen

Wouldn't wanna meet THESE three in a dark alley.Legendary drummer Paul Motian‘s constant sizzle keeps “Lonely Woman” moving, while bassist Charlie Haden and pianist Geri Allen move around in the space he creates.  It’s an Ornette Coleman cover, with a ribbon on top.

I first heard Motian’s name in relation to the Bill Evans Trio.  He’s also done great stuff with guitarist Bill Frisell.  He even played with Thelonious Monk for a little while.  Be certain to check out Paul Motian’s other promiscuous percussive relationships if you dig this one.

Listen and enjoy.

Song: Londely Woman
Artist: Charlie Haden and Paul Motian featuring Geri Allen
Album: Etudes
Label: Soul Note
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