226: “Border Crossing” by DJ Shadow

Yeah, this is my tough guy pose. Get this shit right here.The Less You Know, The Better dropped a couple of days ago like a sack of hammers.

DJ Shadow displays quite a range on the album. It hardly sounds like the abbreviation “DJ” should be on the front of it all.

Shadow rocks the house, Rage Against The Machine-style, on “Border Crossing.” There are a few other good tracks, but overall I don’t have the same aesthetics as Shadow, and I am left wanting. So it is.

But I’ll rock this one a time or twenty. Enjoy, yourself, if it suits.

Song: Border Crossing
Artist: DJ Shadow
Album: The Less You Know The Better
Label: Verve Forecast
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173: “Funky Black Man” by Earnest Jackson, “Funky DJ” by Fried Chicken

They dipped this picture in Easter Egg dye. Funky Black Man style.I first heard samples of both these songs before I heard the songs themselves (See live DJ Shadow / Cut Chemist collaboration, Brain Freeze (1999)).  I state this as evidence that sampling a song is a great way of preserving it.  See pasteurization, freehand sketches.

The original is “Funky Black Man” by Earnest Jackson (1974), and the “remake” is “Funky DJ” by Fried Chicken (1976).  Here’s a blog post from a dude with more to say on the topic.

Trip out on these classics, venerating the nobility of the funky black man, as well as the social benefaction of the funky radio deejay.



Song: Funky Black Man
Artist: Earnest Jackson
Album: Funky Black Man: Vintage Soul Cuts
Label: Tuff City
Buy from: Amazon
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Song: Funky DJ
Artist: Fried Chicken
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151: “We’re Doing It (The Thang) (Part 1)” by Eddie Bo

Eddie Bo was known for getting spinach stuck in his teeth.Eddie Bo (1930-2009) came from a family of bricklayers, but his mom was a self-taught pianist who was friends with Professor Longhair.  He chose the ivories over bricks.  The only artist from New Orleans to release more singles than Eddie was Fats Domino.

Eddie Bo was responsible for serial occurrences such as The Thang, The Hook and Sling, and the checking of one’s bucket.

This one, “We’re Doing It (The Thang) (Part 1)” has been sampled by DJ Shadow and numerous other deejays, probably because it is cut from the purest naturally grown funk.


Song: We’re Doing It (The Thang) (Part 1)
Artist: Eddie Bo
Album: The Hook And Sling
Label: Funky Delicacies
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58: “Emergency” by a random high school band (DJ Shadow collection)


DJ Shadow will steal your beats and return them with butterfly wings.This is a fun compilation from vinyl nerd, musician, producer, and jockey of discs, DJ Shadow.  It’s called Schoolhouse Funk (2000) and it’s comprised entirely of random, vintage, high school performances he’s collected on vinyl.  There are two albums.  One of my favorites is a funk cover of The Beatles’ Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.

This one is called “Emergency” by someone named Eddie Evans.  It’s grungy but it’s got some serious energy.  Perfect for a Funky Friday night.


Song: Emergency
Artist: Various Artists (Collection by DJ Shadow)
Album: Schoolhouse Funk
Label: Call-Tex Custom Prod
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