275: “Eleggua” by Dr. John

Paul Simon is wearing a funny hat.Dude.

Dan Auerbach is like a slice of watermelon. Just pure goodness. And he’s peak ripe.

Dan got Dr. John* (Mac Renneback) to step off his porch and mix sauces with a hand-picked team of badass musicians. Because he could, and because he’s not lazy.

The output of their combined forces, Locked Down (2012), is as good as you should hope it’d be. A perfect, juicy slice.

And it is a fact that if you were to construct a time machine out of your shorn body hair and spare flotsam, and travel back to 1971 in order to kidnap Dr. John and bring him back to the present in an AquaNet, you would be only one step closer to obtaining the gold you can have if you listen to this album. And you’d have burned way more calories. It’d be wasteful tactics.

Listen, instead.

“Eleggua” will fuse a few musical compartments together in your mind.

If I keep typing, I gotta stop listening. So I’m out. Enjoy.

* Incredulous eyebrows.

Song: Eleggua
Artist: Dr. John
Album: Locked Down
Label: Nonesuch
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG