262: “Clashing” by Drums & Tuba

Tom Hanks' bald lookalike puts nose in armpits.Drums & Tuba MIGHT have been the name of a Big & Tall clothier. However, it was quite a literal label, in the mid-nineties, for two dudes (Brian Wolff and Tony Nozero) who began selling their time by busking in Austin, TX, exploring the full range of sound permutations that can be created using only drums, a tuba, some electronic effects tools, and two human beings. For spare change and kicks.

Now, they’re gazillionaires that sip whisky off rare monkeys’ toes.

Actually, I am quite sure that’s not so. Drums & Tuba’s last album as Drums & Tuba came out in 2005 and the chaps now pursue other endeavors. So buy their music and help fund the best Big & Tall clothier/musicians there ever were.

Enjoy & Comment.

Song: Clashing
Artist: Drums & Tuba
Album: Mostly Ape
Label: Righteous Babe Records
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