284: “Freedom At 21” by Jack White

Setting is everything when you're on a trip.Jack White dropped his first SOLO album this year.

I’ll just come straight out with my thought process… If I were a producer-man paid to get the most dollar signs out of Jack White, I’d concoct influential potions for his every thirst and whisper in his ear to make more songs like this one, from Blunderbuss (2012).

I’d say, “Listen here, Edward Scissorhands, write more songs like ‘Freedom at 21,’ dude. That’s where your third chakra will find balance.” And so on.

I would be persuasive, using mental judo to lever his philosophical center of gravity around the pivot of his strongest desires.

Then I’d flip his ass right onto a gas-drenched pile of Tenacious D and Foo Fighters and see what kind of sweet musical explosions might occur with all those cats in the studio together.

You feel me, Jacks? I’m talking Benjamins. Snap. Black-girl-head-shake. Walk away.


Song: Freedom at 21
Artist: Jack White
Album: Blunderbuss
Label: Third Man Records / Columbia
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54: “Level” by The Raconteurs

The Raconteurs formed in 1872.Paper beats rock, but a man with a rock can beat the paper-maker over the head until he can make no more paper.

Today is a day of rock.

The Raconteurs is another project of Jack White‘s.  I’m surprised this band isn’t more popular than they are.

A live version of their song “Level,” from their debut album Broken Boy Soldiers (2008), is below.  It was apparently taped with an emotionless, neurologically immobilized audience, to make them look cool, I guess?  But regardless of that, enjoy.

Song: Level
Artist: The Raconteurs
Album: Broken Boy Soldiers
Label: Warner Bros.
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11: “Blue Blood Blues” by The Dead Weather

The Dead Weather, Good In A Knife FightJack White is a musical freakshow (and thank God for that).  After showing the world what he could do with sparse drums and mutant guitar skills with The White Stripes, he’s been cranking out badass music with an array of musicians, oddly including Loretta Lynn.

Nothing about Jack White is normal.  With the band The Dead Weather, Jack showcases some virtuoso-ism by playing drums in addition to his usual guitar and vocals.  The man knows how to rock, but always writes songs with a trademark oddity.  “Blue Blood Blues” shows off his tight guitar chops as well as his unusual songwriting style.

I’ll keep an eye on Jack for more goodies, fersherr.


Song: Blue Blood Blues
Artist: The Dead Weather
Album: Sea of Cowards
Label: Third Man/Warner Bros.
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