218: “Wait Until Tomorrow” by Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer

Hm, I have some things to think about.Here’s a great tune about homicidal over-parenting.

Below you’ll find the original by Jimi Hendrix, and a live cover by John Mayer.

Marinate on all that.

And enjoy.

Song: Wait Until Tomorrow
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Axis: Bold as Love
Label: Legacy Recordings
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Watch: YouTube


Song: Wait Until Tomorrow
Artist: John Mayer Trio
Album: Live
Label: Columbia
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Watch: YouTube

115: “Hey Joe” by Medeski, Martin & Wood

It's so obvious that John Medeski just farted in this picture.I shan’t post songs by the same artist very many times.  These guys deserve a double-post (see original post).

The notion of hearing a jazz piano trio cover Jimi Hendrix has a great deal of potential to initiate your gag reflex.  Medeski, Martin & Wood calls bullcrap on that.  French intended.

First video: a recording from an intimate live performance of “Hey Joe” at Tonic in NYC.  For some reason it has 3 1/2 minutes of dead time at the end.

Second video: a lo-def video recording of “Hey Joe” at a jazz festival from 2001 (thanks, astute readers!!).  Marc Ribot sits in for a smoking solo on this soul-searing rendition of one of Hendrix’s finest.  Mais, oui.

Always improvise.  And enjoy.

Song: Hey Joe
Artist: Medeski, Martin & Wood
Album: Tonic
Label: Blue Note
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