200: “Shady Blues” by Lee Mason & His Orchestra

I got the new dope.This song is dope, unlike dope, which isn’t dope at all, kids.  And remember, there’s no such thing as a talking junkie.

Lee Mason & His Orchestra perpetrated this song on the world back in 19 and 71.  Madlib sampled it later, after he was born.


Song: Shady Blues
Artist: Lee Mason & His Orchestra
Album: Shady Blues – 7″ Vinyl
Label: Jazzman
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170: “Dominant” by Beatless with Quasimoto, Madlib

Quas. Buy him in a box.Quasimoto, aka Lord Quas, is Madlib‘s alter ego, his own voice sped up.  Madlib can say things as Quas he might not say as himself, which is good, because rappers are very timid and inhibited by nature.  He uses hip-hop ventriloquism to overcome his inhibitions.

Beatless, the duo backing Quas/Madlib, were unfortunately named for search engine optimization… one letter different from “Beatles” confuses music searches.  They luckily possessed a stanky hook manufacturing license for their 2001 release of Life Mirrors.

I dare you to argue with me in the comments that this song isn’t worth repeated listens.  But I must warn you, I know how to speak doofus.

Enjoy it.

Song: Dominant
Artist: Beatless w/ Quasimoto, Madlib
Album: Life Mirrors
Label: Ubiquity Records
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39: “Slim’s Return” by Madlib

Mad Science LaboratoryMadlib is a hip-hop producer.  In 2002, Madlib took a bunch of classic Blue Note jazz recordings and remixed them on Shades of Blue.

“Slim’s Return” is a smoking example of the type of abstract style that Madlib has contributed to humanity’s development as a species.

The official video is below, and the song is only available on the album, which is only available for physical purchase, and not for download.  Which is the case for too much music, in my opinion.  Bring it online!!

Open your ears and, enjoy…

Song: Slim’s Return
Artist: Madlib
Album: Shades of Blue
Label: Blue Note
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