323: “Your Mother Was My Teacher” by Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle

Your mother was my vibraphone.She looked me in the eye and she said…

…My arms are super hairy.

…I had an internship in college slicing rat brains into thin layers like at Arby’s.

…I’ll throw oranges at you if pay me enough.

…No, I can’t poop at work!

…I only date guys who have had face tattoos removed.

…”Your Mother Was My Teacher” by Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle, is from Battery Milk (2007). The band is centered around frontman/vibraphonist Mike Dillon. The song is a colorful documentation of a simple, precipitous conversation.


Song: Your Mother Was My Teacher
Artist: Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle
Album: Battery Milk
Label: Hyena Records
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125: “Sprung Monkey” by Garage A Trois

Garage A QuartThis funky jazz group, Garage A Trois, was originally composed of Stanton Moore (drums), Skerik (“saxophonics”), and Charlie Hunter (guitar). Mike Dillon (percussion/vibes) is also a part of the mix on this track and album, Emphasizer (2003).

“Sprung Monkey” is worth a listen just for the name!  Enjoy.

Song: Sprung Monkey
Artist: Garage A Trois
Album: Emphasizer
Label: IndiBlu Music
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61: “Mullet Cut” by Critters Buggin

No soul patch required.Critters Buggin is the meaty stew made from the contributions of Mike Dillon, Skerik, Brad Houser, and Matt Chamberlain, originally concocted in Seattle in 1993.

“Mullet Cut” is from Host (1997).

Critters Buggin’s sound is heavy and thick.  In personal experience, their music often accompanies profuse sweating, even though there are vibraphones involved.

Start working up a sweat, and enjoy.

Song: Mullet Cut
Artist: Critters Buggin
Album: Host
Label: Loose Groove Records
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