225: “4:08” by Clutchy Hopkins

Have you seen this white guy with a beard?The Life of Clutchy Hopkins (2006) is a rich experience, as well as fully enumerated, each song named by its length. Every song title standing like a gravestone marking the run-time of its inhabitant. But it seems the life of Clutchy Hopkins was not fully captured in just these 12 songs, since Clutchy has shared a couple more releases since then.

Clutchy Hopkins is an “anonymous” artist (or a few), working under pseudonym, and I like the guys’ style, whoever they is. Here’s a page on clutchyhopkins.com dedicated to providing the most up to date theories on his identity. I’d say it’s clever marketing, but I don’t think Clutchy’s touching many charts, so it can’t be all that clever.

“4:08” is aptly named, if nothing else. (The YouTube video below has 1:30 of silence at the end.) Listen to it yourself for the rest, and enjoy.

Song: 4:08
Artist: Clutchy Hopkins
Album: The Life of Clutchy Hopkins
Label: Misled Children
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Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube

116: “Cry” by Money Mark (Dust Brothers Remix)

I like the way people look at me when there's a bunch of candy behind me.Get some fried pickles.  Get some coldbeers.  Then queue this one up, and let the juices flow.

Money Mark‘s original tune from 1995 is the bottom video.  A remix by The Dust Brothers on top.

Get hit in your soul.  Enjoy.

Song: Cry
Artist: Money Mark (Dust Brothers Remix)
Album: Got My Hand In Your Head
Label: Pid
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100: “Astro Blue” by Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls

The actual musicians.100th song.  Throw some streamers and drink a cold one.

Here’s another post with the touch of Money Mark on it.  He teamed up with Tommy Guerrero and Shawn Lee to form Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls.

This is my favorite from their self-titled debut from 2009.

Rock out with your socks out, and enjoy.

[UPDATE: Originally posted “A Phase Shifter I’m Going Through,” but copyright people removed the audio from the YouTube video.]

Song: Astro Blue
Artist: Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls
Album: Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls
Label: Ubiquity Records
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64: “Groove Holmes” by The Beastie Boys


Beastie Boys direct the shit out of some traffic.If you haven’t heard The Beastie Boys‘ INSTRUMENTAL album from 1996, The In Sound From Way Out!, then you just don’t know what these three Jews can do.

Along with keyboardist Mark Ramos Nishita (Money Mark), The Beasties created an ambitious sound that was TOTALLY different from what they had been doing before.

The Beastie Boys’ transformation is comparable to the change that The Beatles underwent.  Simply in this: both bands are brothers who followed the path wherever it led.  The great ones usually go unexpected places.


Song: Groove Holmes
Artist: The Beastie Boys
Album: The In Sound From Way Out!
Label: Capitol
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes

52: “Giraffe Crack” by Clutchy Hopkins

Clutchy, not Charles Manson.So, nobody is sure who Clutchy Hopkins is, other than Clutchy and his bros, I guess.

But it has the smell of Money Mark to me.

Listen to “Giraffe Crack” by the anonymous soul who is putting out records under a pseudo-persona known as “Clutchy,” from 2010’s April release, The Storyteller.


Song: Giraffe Crack
Artist: Clutchy Hopkins
Album: The Storyteller
Label: Ubiquity Records
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