319: “Black Jesus” by 9 Lazy 9

Italian band photos are like Yeti sighting photosMy shorts are plaid and my legs are thin. My glasses are seven years old, and I know the Latin names of dozens of species. I am a Pisces and I enjoy taking long walks in other people’s shoes.

I wonder openly and often what cavemen would think about things today.

I listen to music like “Black Jesus” by 9 Lazy 9, from Paradise Blown (2003). 9 Lazy 9, an Italian-based group, sounds, smells, looks, and tastes like Ninja Tunes. I dig that secret agent sound.

And if you like the picture I’m painting, we should meet up somewhere tonight. We just need to sync up our lucid dream cycles to astrally connect. I’ll shoot for 3.37am. I will be the one wearing tassels and an ornate codpiece, and I’ll be yelling your name loudly.

Sweet dreams, and enjoy.

Song: Black Jesus
Artist: 9 Lazy 9
Album: Paradise Blown
Label: Ninja Tunes
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311: “Ain’t He Heavy, He’s My Brother” by Wagon Christ

Aerodynamo.How to (totally) meditate:

Find a quiet spot without any obvious distractions, free of precariously positioned buckets of water, and for the love of chakra, no bubblewrap.

Clear your mind. Focus on your breathing and picture a single image in your mind, like the flame of a candle but not the itch on your nose, or the fact that little bugs live in your eyelashes. Block that out.

No, you can’t force your mind to clarity. You must let serenity happen to you. It is okay for other thoughts to come up. Be aware of those thoughts and then let them pass. Feel yourself letting thoughts into your awareness and out of your awareness. Yes, it’s easy to get caught up in an infinity loop with the whole thinking about what you’re thinking about thing. But let that pass, too. Then let letting things pass pass, and so on, thereby creating an infinity loop of letting go to cancel out the infinity loop of awareness.

Be super careful not to mess it up at this point. If you were to think about whether you paid your light bill or a random stupid thing you said a week ago to somebody, you would totally lose the enlightenment value of the whole shebang and you might as well go eat an animal as sit here and waste time.

Anyway, when you’re floating on the current of being in a bubble of serene oneness with creation, picture something really important to you like your favorite finger food, or the spot where you like to sit on the couch. You know, the stuff that matters. It’ll feel like banging an emotional prayer gong in the middle of your soul.

Yet you’re still at peace and clear-minded and all at this point, and when you’re really like “whoa” on a level you’ve never been so like “whoa” before, then you know you just totally meditated.

You could also spend some minutes of your transit down the current of being listening to “Ain’t He Heavy, He’s My Brother” by Wagon Christ, theistic alias for Luke Vibert, a British artist/producer who gots chops like farmers.


Song: Aint He Heavy, He’s My Brother
Artist: Wagon Christ
Album: Toomorrow
Label: Ninja Tune
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193: “Sweet Smoke” by Mr. Scruff

Tastes like it smells.It’s Friday. Time for a party in your pants.

Dance Instructions:
Test your perception of reality against reality.
Wait, that’s for everything else in life.  On the dance floor, you needn’t analyze.
Just gather your family around you. Lift your knees. Wobble your legs. And make it move.
For life is but a dream.

Mr. Scruff is another one of these Ninja Tune cats who insist on approaching music with the stealth of a Navy Seal, and performing some unilateral maneuvers on its ass.

This song is only available on vinyl, which is the perfect medium for analog jams, and grandma couch covers.

Mr. Scruff is a British mammal, with a lot of cartoon videos on YouTube that my 9-year-old son tends to enjoy. Mr. Scruff draws them himself!

Getcha some, and enjoy.  Happy Friday.

Song: Sweet Smoke
Artist: Mr. Scruff
Album: Sweet Smoke
Label: Ninja Tune
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Watch: YouTube

50: “Hip Hop Barrio” by Up, Bustle & Out

Modern music.Up, Bustle & Out is two Brits (and friends) who make some interesting music, combining traditional instruments with electronic elements and production.  They’ve got a strong South American flair.

Here’s “Hip Hop Barrio” from 2000’s Rebel Radio Master Sessions, Vol 1.

Song: Hip Hop Barrio
Artist: Up, Bustle & Out
Album: Rebel Radio Master Sessions, Vol 1
Label: Ninja Tunes
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33: “Durian” by The Cinematic Orchestra

Infinity x 6.The Cinematic Orchestra is but a handful of men, who use turntabulism, live instruments, and some special whatchamacallit to make music.  For some of their music they actually pre-record their own instruments to sample back in during live performances and recordings, which is a nice twist on how to use a DJ.  There are probably other historical examples of this, but I can’t think of any.  Lemme know.

I’ve always liked their debut album, Motion (1999), best.  Here is the opening track, “Durian.”

The song has two parts.  The first part could be the soundtrack of a seduction thriller.  The second part could be from a 70’s chase scene, funky and intense.  Crazy, I know.

But dig it.  Enjoy.

Song: Durian
Artist: The Cinematic Orchestra
Album: Motion
Label: Ninja Tune
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Listen: YouTube

3: “Down And To The Left” by Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin Looks Like A Nice Guy.When some people think of electronically generated music, they think of beeps, bloops, and repetitive drum loops.

Amon Tobin is not that kind of musician.  He takes mostly “found” sounds and transforms them into often industrial sounding pieces of music.  The track I present now is a more musical offering from Tobin’s library.  It is not uncommon to find serene beauty or the arching scope of a cinematic score in Tobin’s carefully constructed songs.  He creates thick landscapes of sound and layers tracks like a master craftsman.

“Down and to the Left” is part of a 3-disc compilation by various artists entitled Xen Cuts (2000) from label Ninja Tunes.


Song: Down and to the Left
Artist: Amon Tobin
Album: Xen Cuts
Label: Ninja Tunes
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