271: “Slave To The Traffic Light” by Phish

Hand signal for: put sounds in earhole.Time slows. You awaken… more alert than ever.

Gravity feels strange. Light has an unusual color.

If the future was going to happen at all, you must be in it now.

And it is still happening.

Light is heavy and gravity is off-color.

There is a song playing. Phish perform the clockwork’s charge. The song’s name is obvious.

It is “Slave to the Traffic Light,” and you sit in its yoke.

You eat your kind, organic, veggie burrito on your lunch break from your damn job working for The Man, sitting behind the steering wheel of your life, and you slurp up the Phishy comeback sauce dripping off your fingers and sopping into your hippie mouthbeard.

It ain’t right.

But you just go on and enjoy yourself. Because it’s still a beautiful life.

Your carbon footprint is small. And the solo is tight.

Now go. Someone is honking at you.

Song: Slave To The Traffic Light
Artist: Phish
Album: Live Phish, Vol 1: 12/14/95, Binghamton, NY
Label: JEMP Records
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