317: “Volunteered Slavery” by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

It's time to get up, not down.

I’m watching Antiques Road Show and this guy has a flute that was played by Rahsaan Roland Kirk. The flute is made of ivory from the tusks of a brown dwarf star. It’s been appraised at the value of one observational time machine trip (past only) and a large chili cheese tots. Public television is on a roll.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk was the tectonic inspirational force behind the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull), Eric Burdon, and Dan, a guy at work who knew who he was when I asked.

A few forreal’s forya: Kirk changed his name from Ronald to Roland because he was inspired in a dream to switch the two letters around. Later, he added Rahsaan because he heard it in a dream. Kirk was always spilling over the edges of himself. He played two instruments at once because one wasn’t enough. He was politically outspoken. He always had to lead the band. And he wore clothes eccentric even for a jazz musician.

Scientifically speaking, I don’t advise making real world decisions based on the bizness your unconscious mind cooks up. The ways that could go bad…

I so infrequently write actual biographical content here that I feel I should point out that the forreal’s communicated two paragraphs previous were actually taken from Wikipedia and not fictions of my mental undulations.

Without further crap, I present to you my favorite Kirk klassic, “Volunteered Slavery” from Volunteered Slavery (1969).

Please share your thoughts on Roland Kirk and faster-than-light physics, but be most certain of all to enjoy…

Song: Volunteered Slavery
Artist: Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Album: Volunteered Slavery
Label: Rhino Atlantic
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259: “My Girl” by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Yeah, but can he play the clarinet and tuba simultaneously?Just go on and move your back side with some finesse and debonair to a classic rendition of The Temptations’ “My Girl” from Blacknuss (1971), by the great Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

That’s right. Blacknuss. Get used to it. The color AND the spelling. Sucka.

Happy Friday, and enjoy!!

Song: My Girl
Artist: Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Album: Blacknuss
Label: Rhino Atlantic
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94: “Pedal Up” by Rahsaan Roland Kirk

He even tried to train an overgrown mole to handle an extra horn, but couldn't get it down.Here he is, the maestro himself.  Doing what he do.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk shows in this video the kind of crazy talent and multi-instrument ingenuity that makes him the inspiration of the greats.

Rahsaan could have circular breathed Kenny G, former world record holder, into the ground.  And I mean, when you can best Kenny G in anything related to circular breathing or haircare, then you’re hardcore.

Suck in a full, deep breath, and enjoy.

[Embedding is disabled on the video, so click to watch… and jump to 1:15 if you wanna skip Quincy Jones’ long-winded intro]

Song: Pedal Up
Artist: Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Album: Brotherman In The Fatherland
Label: Hyena Records
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46: “Oh Lord Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me” by Charles Mingus

He wore a raspberry beret.It’s a simple request, really.

Charles Mingus (on vocals and piano) from Oh Yeah in 1962, with Rahsaan Roland Kirk on sax.

Sing it like you mean it, Charlie.


Song: Oh Lord Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me
Artist: Charles Mingus
Album: Oh Yeah
Label: Rhino Atlantic
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes