248: “Sidearms and Parsnips” by Fila Brazillia

Not your mom's electronica duo.Your mother would love this band (if she’s awesome), even though the name of the album is Dicks (2004). BUT… she’s never heard of them.

Send your mom some music by Fila Brazillia, or whoever. Experiment with different methods of sending music to your mom. Email. Beatbox on the phone. On a cd, in a case, in a box. Interpretive dance. Twitter. Via Dad. Whateva. No way this can go wrong!

Start sharing now. After all… you love your mother.

Find something you can both cop a groove to, and enjoy.

Song: Sidearms and Parsnips
Artist: Fila Brazillia
Album: Dicks
Label: Twentythree
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Watch: YouTube