267: “Cat O’Nine Tails” by Combustible Edison

Smell my finger. Or pull it. Either way. That's how us future loungers roll.“Future Lounge” music was a trend in the mid-nineties, like soaking your hands in Palmolive, and electric cars.

Combustible Edison was the absolute rowdiest future lounge act around back then. They would wear white pants off-season, and put anchovies in their martinis, and pass gas in each other’s faces without even asking. The future lounge circuit was CRA-ZAY-ZY!!

Here’s “Cat O’Nine Tails” which shows off the funkier side of the Edison. From The Impossible World (1998).


Song: Cat O’Nine Tails
Artist: Combustible Edison
Album: The Impossible World
Label: Sub Pop Records
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254: “My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes” by The Evil Tambourines

Next Time: My Dream Girl Picks Up Dog PooSome people make love to their own shoes. Some people listen to Ace of Bass… earnestly. And it is only safe to assume there are a number of sadistic miscreants who intentionally put underbutter on door handles.

Everyone who is worth their requisite oxygen has considered the notion that they might be THE ONLY REAL PERSON IN THE WORLD.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve done extensive research on the nature of the existence of a plurality of REAL PERSONS IN THE WORLD. And I must assure you with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE, of this fact:


I have a scientific hunch that if you have not made love to your shoes (too much), extravagantly enjoyed Ace of Bass, or misused underbutter, then you… in fact… might be REAL.

Breathe. And take stock.

Still… I’m just guessing. You very well might be a robot or simply a figment.

Listen to “My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes” by The Evil Tamborines, from Library Nation (2006). And enjoy.

If you’re even real at all.

Song: My Dream Girl Puts On Her Shoes
Artist: The Evil Tambourines
Album: Library Nation
Label: Sub Pop Records
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144: “False Jesii Part 2” by Pissed Jeans


Pissed Jeans. Clever as the wind.One of the greatest videos I’ve seen in a while.  This song is a departure for the site.  I doubt I would listen to this music without watching the video.  It is funny, but it requires a certain type of energy, a certain frequency at which I rarely vibrate.  And no, this is not funk music.  It’s funky like a rotting banana, but in a good way(?).

It’s another Subpop artist, Pissed Jeans.  They’re punk, but they have a Wikipedia entry, so they’re not THAT punk.  By the way, Subpop doesn’t pay me, despite this being the third post of a Subpop artist lately.  Everything on this site is a labor of love, at least until someone offers to pay me, then I might just whore the site out.  But for now it’s totally pure.  Pure as the driven snow.

So put on your most blasé face and enjoy.

Song: False Jesii Part 2
Artist: Pissed Jeans
Album: King of Jeans
Label: Subpop
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137: “Tio Sam” by Aurelio

Aurelio means "golden crates."Aurelio Martinez is a new artist on the Subpop label.  His album, Laru Beya, drops January 18th.  If the whole thing is as good as this track, then I’m glad I pre-ordered it.

In 2010, I started this little music blog.  I enjoy it.  I hope a lot of folks are making connections with new and old music and artists through this site.

I think I’ll keep doing it until I run out of music.

Happy 2011, people.  Keep listening.

And enjoy.

Song: Tio Sam
Artist: Aurelio
Album: Laru Beya
Label: Subpop
Buy from: Subpop

136: “Pledge Drive” by Five Style

Record cover of miniature portraits.Here’s one from the unconventional instrumental group called Five Style.

From Miniature Portraits (1999) on the Subpop label, “Pledge Drive” comes with steel drum goodness.


Song: Pledge Drive
Artist: Five Style
Album: Miniature Portraits
Label: Subpop
Buy from: Subpop