292: “Offspring Are Blank” by Dirty Projectors

Totally conventional band photo. Totally normal band.This song affects me.

I usually type a lot of “original copy,” stuff my future grandkids won’t access with their Internet goggles, in the space that these words occupy.

But today, I’m cutting to the quick. Because… Dirty Projectors, I push play on this one, Swing Lo Magellan (2012), and I crap sideways.

Words are stupid. My doo-doo is sideways. Yet I can’t stop listening. Forget that you’re even reading this, and look away from me.

Enjoy the song before I stupid anymore. Grandkids, I love you. Make more of us.

Song: Offspring Are Blank
Artist: Dirty Projectors
Album: Swing Lo Magellan
Label: Domino Recording Co
Buy from: Amazon | iTunes
Listen: MOG | Spotify
Watch: YouTube