178: “Lonely Woman” by Charlie Haden and Paul Motian, featuring Geri Allen

Wouldn't wanna meet THESE three in a dark alley.Legendary drummer Paul Motian‘s constant sizzle keeps “Lonely Woman” moving, while bassist Charlie Haden and pianist Geri Allen move around in the space he creates.  It’s an Ornette Coleman cover, with a ribbon on top.

I first heard Motian’s name in relation to the Bill Evans Trio.  He’s also done great stuff with guitarist Bill Frisell.  He even played with Thelonious Monk for a little while.  Be certain to check out Paul Motian’s other promiscuous percussive relationships if you dig this one.

Listen and enjoy.

Song: Londely Woman
Artist: Charlie Haden and Paul Motian featuring Geri Allen
Album: Etudes
Label: Soul Note
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Watch: YouTube

55: “‘Round Midnight” by Thelonious Monk

Get up in my head.  I double-dog dare you.  Get up in my head.  I covered it.Here’s Thelonious Monk doing one of his most famous tunes, “‘Round Midnight.”  Quality is dodgy on the video but you can really see his body language, and that right foot dancing around.  It’s from a recording in Germany in 1963.  The song was released 6 years earlier on Thelonious Himself.

In this video you see that Monk’s obviously got some stuff inside him that is trying to get out.  He was a quirky guy to say the least, but if he had mental disorders, they were never formally recognized or diagnosed.  If you’re like me, and you often find yourself contemplating the states of mind behind the music you hear, then you might click here and read the Wikipedia account of Thelonious Monk’s “later life.”

Notice how he leans into the piano at times, leaning the stool onto two legs, and at the body language he’s using to express that musical itch inside him… and just enjoy.

Song: ‘Round Midnight
Artist: Thelonious Monk
Album: Thelonious Himself
Label: Concord Records
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