143: “Black People, What Y’all Gonna Do?” by The Last Poets

This is not Sesame Street.The Last Poets are the forebears to rap and hip-hop.  The group name comes from a poem by a South African poet who believed he was in the last era of poetry before guns would take over.

I personally think guns will never eliminate poetry.  Guns just add more punctuation marks.  And the poets get more cagey.

The track “Black People, What Y’all Gonna Do?” is heavy stuff.  There’s too much to race and life to summarize any significant piece of it with plain old words.

It takes spoken word, rhythm, and soul.  This track is from the album This Is Madness (1971).

Absorb.  Process.  Enjoy.

Song: Black People, What Y’all Gonna Do?
Artist: The Last Poets
Album: This Is Madness
Label: Celluloid
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